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[Archived] Qpr Vs Rovers Fa Cup

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Watching the Lincoln v Ipswich replay on TV is really bringing home how far Rovers have fallen.

Lincoln fans were chanting 'Championship Championship You're having a laugh' at a @#/? poor Ipswich team that have just beaten us. Seconds later a @#/? poor striker called Best was taken off and we were reminded of his @#/? poor Rovers record at a cost of £3million quid (with around £150,000-£300,000 of that going into a @#/? poor dodgy agent's pocket).

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Given the huge turnover in football league managers I wonder why he ended up all the way down in League 2?

Hardly pulling up any trees either

Vs Yeovil

Who can forget the collective battening of the hatches to claim an inspirational draw from the jaws of necessary victory. The story Robbo told is an inspiration to quitters everywhere.

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It shows where we are when a non league team like Lincoln, go 90 minutes without giving Ipswich a smell on goal and we gift them at least two goals and arguably all three.

That's precisely why this "it's not the managers fault" stuff is claptrap. I agree that teams can lift themselves for cup games but you don't keep clean sheets in pro football without being organised.

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Symptomatic of the absolute mess we are in that the thread on the FA Cup is taken over with a bickering between the principled and the naive.

For what its worth we will lose at home to Barnsley.

If by a strange miracle we play Blackpool, that has to be the protest day to end all protests.

Strange miracle it is.

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