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Brockhall STC - planning permission application ?

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2 hours ago, Herbie6590 said:

Can they even sell both sites for housing ? 


That must have been a blow to Coventrio, the fact that the 'lower site' (current Academy) is greenfield....also interesting is the reference "as the planning status currently stands".

The charlatan sort of gives the gameplan away there in one glib statement.

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I honestly can't see any value in selling Brockhall and moving to a new site, it's pointless in my view. In terms of the value of Brockhall it isn't worth nearly as much as they thought with the bottom site not available for housing. Again it's a back of a fag packet job which would probably cost the owners money should we sell Brockhall and relocate. If Waggott was in the job for the right reasons he would be asking the owners for money to develop the Riverside rather than potentially selling Brockhall and moving elsewhere.

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1 hour ago, RevidgeBlue said:

It's roughly 40 acres isn't it on both combined sites?

Don't be taken in by the spin. There's nothing wrong with the existing sites.


Not in Clitheroe anymore! Live down South, if I were in Clitheroe I'd be down there protesting everyday lol

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