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The Tim Flowers Interview


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You may recall some time ago members of this site submitted a number of questions for our Championship winning keeper Tim Flowers, who is Saturday’s opponents, Leicester City’s goal keeping coach.

Well this afternoon I had the pleasure of a long and lengthy conversation with Tim, when I submitted your questions.

I edited the questions before hand in to subjects to avoid duplication and have transcribed Tim’s replies accordingly. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, but it’s been an exciting day chatting to one of my all time Rover heroes.


Posted by: Blueboy

How does it make you feel to know that when you had the game of your life in 1995 against the geordies at ewood park - that a grown man was crying, 12,000 miles away in Australia because he knew that we were so close to the pinnacle of the worlds greatest league?

It’s always fantastic to find out that you’ve contributed in giving back something to the supporters.

Posted by: bellamy11

Does he feel the Newcastle game on VE Day to be the best of his career?

That’s a tough one, it’s difficult to say whether it was the best in my career, but it’s one that will live in my memory. I’ve played in a lot of games throughout my career, the memory of the Newcastle game being more about how crucial it was that we didn’t loose, than how I played.

Posted by: Jordan

(Does he feel the Newcastle game on VE Day to be the best of his career)

If not what was the best moment of your career?

Best moments, Anfield knowing we were Champions, getting my cap to play against Brazil and the Worthington Cup Final with Leicester. I had a Championship medal then getting to a Wembley Cup Final was a real bonus. Very few people get the opportunity to play in a Wembley final, so I was very fortunate.

Posted by: DP

Sky recently awarded a save of the decade award to Peter Schmeical. Do you think they completely forgot about the Newcastle VE day game or what? (the one that springs to mind for me was the stop from Ruel Fox near the end)

Football is a game of opinions, everyone has different memories of events and judge things differently.

Posted by: Radaghast the Brown

What was the first thing to enter your mind when Redknapp's free kick flew past you on championship winning day? (I'' understand if the answer is a little too 'colourful' to print

(As an aside, thanks for the memories, Tim )

Oh, I could sense the worry from the fans behind me, kept thinking that after all the work that season it was slipping away. By rights we should have won the championship before going to Anfield and nearly threw it away. I kept sensing the crowd reaction, then the roar when the United result came through.

In some ways I was glad that we lost, because of all the rumours that Liverpool were going to hand us the Championship.

Posted by: colin

That Collymore goal. Was the divot created by Tim to mark the centre of the goal or was it just created by normal play?

I should have guessed that question, I used to mark the pitch out. Because the Darwen end doesn’t get as much sun, it gets muddier and a groove had developed in the pitch.


Posted by: Parasyte

After the championship win, how dissapointed were you with the European venture?

Very disappointed, Al, Micky Newell and myself had been on holiday that summer, and we were looking forward to the European games. Then loosing Kenny was a big blow. We were in a decent group and Spartak Moscow were a very good team, and we nearly got a last minute draw against Warsaw, which might have got us through to the quarter finals.


Posted by: Exiled in Toronto

What really happened between his pal Shearer and Sutton, which resulted in Al not passing to Sutty in the last 3rd of the championship season?

That’s new to me, us players never noticed anything, they were the perfect double act, you only have to look at their goal total in the championship season

Posted by: DP

The championship squad at Rovers was renouned for having a great team spirit. What went wrong?

There was nothing wrong with team spirit, but heads do drop when your loosing. After Ray left, Tony took charge and we dug ourselves out, if there hadn’t been any team spirit we wouldn’t have.

Posted by: laughatthedingles

what was it like to know jack walker personally? what was he like?

I cant say I knew him personally. But he was a magnificent man. He attended every game travelling from Jersey home and away, and it wasn’t because of his position at the club, he just came to watch the team. He was a normal bloke but very powerful man. When I joined the club, I called him Mr Walker and he told me, that if I didn’t call him Jack, then I might as well ###### off.

We had some great nights out with him, he had a trick flicking coins into a glass, don’t know how he did it, but he used to bet us, how many he would get into the glass and won every time.

Posted by: Exiled in Toronto

What were his views of the Rovers managers he played under?

Kenny and Ray were magnificent.

Roy Hodgson was a brilliant coach, and I learnt a lot from him. He had variety in his coaching and I’m trying to remember and use them now.

Posted by: Exiled in Toronto

What does Tony Parkes do?

He worked closely with Ray coaching the team and his commitment to the club kept us up after Ray left.

Posted by: colin

Do you keep in touch with any of the Rovers' players from 1995?

Al and Micky Newell. And I see Bill Mac everyday at training.

I also see Mimmsey as well, as he’s also a keeper coach. At Wolves.

I bump in to some of the other lads at games. Saw Jason at Leeds the other day.


Posted by: philipl

He was frequently linked with a move to Old Trafford before he came to Ewood. Any regrets?

I was never linked with United, but Liverpool came in for me at the same time as Rovers.

And I didn’t need much convincing on which club to join as soon as I talked to Kenny.

Posted by: Radaghast the Brown

Was there any truth in the rumour that Celtic were interested in you before you joined Leicester?

Celtic….Not that I know of.

I was playing in the second string, when Kidd put me in the team to play Oldham a week before the start of the season. Martin O’Neill was at the game, so I guess he’d been talking to Rovers and wanted to see me playing. Next day I signed for Leicester.


Posted by: Hasta

In your opinion was the curtain brought down on your Ewood career prematurely?

Posted by: Dr Rich

Do you feel you deserved to lose your place to John Filan when you did, especially considering the fact that with all due respect to John, he's hardly been a massive success since?

Posted by: Seggie

Do you feel any Bitterness towards Brian Kidd for Ending your Rovers career prematurely?

Posted by: colin

Seriously, and sorry, this one may smart.....

You seemed to go from being a championship-winning player to Stockport County's reserve keeper in a very short time. Do you feel you should have been in the big time for longer?

(Good luck Tim, you were good.)

Yes, I believe my time at Rovers was brought to a premature end, and that’s with no disrespect to John Filan. Managers have their opinions, so you have to accept it if your not first choice. Leaving Rovers was hard but there is never any point in hanging around if your not making any contribution to a team.


Posted by: Nayef

why did you decide to become a goalkeeper?

As a kid I played striker and centre half, but my best position was in goal. I was determined to be a professional footballer, so when I was 12-13 I concentrated my game on being a keeper. I started playing for a Sunday league team and Wolves signed me from there.

Posted by: Modi

If you had your career over again, would you prefer to have been a goal scorer instead of a goal keeper?

No, I’ve had a fantastic time and loads of fun along the way.

Posted by: cn174

When you was a youngster which goalkeepers were your role models?

Liverpool were the team in my youth and Clements was the keeper to model on, then I signed for Southampton from Wolves, and Shilts another of my heroes was there, which was a great experience training with him.

Posted by: roversismylife & cn174

What was the best or most important save that you have ever pulled off?

Great keeper for us.

Tough one, the Newcastle game was very important for the team, so maybe during that game.

Posted by: Parasyte

If David Seaman wasnt such a good GK in his day, do you think you would have made a bigger impact on the English game as a whole, and not just your international career?

Another tough one, I don’t know. Stepping up from the reserves to the first team, you have to have a run of games to establish yourself. It’s the same at international level. Something I never had. I got my 11 caps over a 6-7 year period.

Posted by: ihatethedingles & Seggie

What was your worst moment in a Rover's shirt?

That we didn’t consolidate our position after the championship, looking back we should have strengthened the team and didn’t make an impact. If you look at the other clubs they have strengthened their squads after winning trophy’s.

I didn’t like leaving Rovers the way I did either.

Posted by: The Dart

Does he think more ex-professionals should become referees?

The laws are difficult these days and refs have a bad time, every thing they do is monitored by tv and from supervisors. If players want to be refs, then good luck to them, there would be less bookings if players were refs.

Posted by: AlanK

What was in Tim`s BOTTLE this Xmas

The first Christmas that I haven’t played, so was able to have a bottle of wine with my Christmas dinner, Would have preferred to have missed the drink though and played against Al and Newcastle on Boxing day.

Posted by: laughatthedingles

Is it true you will need/already need/have had a hip replacement ? (My sister might be able to sort a cheapen out for you!) was this just caused by football?

I have my operation in June, They sawed off a top of my leg, installed a metal peg into the bone. The peg is capped with half a metal ball, about the size of a tennis ball. Then it’s refitted into the hip. It will take about a year to get right. At least I don’t have so much pain now and can wellie a ball again.

As for your sister, thanks for the offer, give Alan her telephone number, in case I need another op

Posted by: laughatthedingles

when are you coming back to rovers??

(Thank you for everything you did "england's number 1, england's, england's number 1" )


Posted by: Seggie

What does it feel like to have the record for the fastest Red Card for a Premiership Goalkeeper?

Thanks for that, it was against Brian Deane who is now at Leicester. He keeps reminding me, he says I wasn’t fast enough so why did I bother. I broke my big toe in the tackle, so it’s recovery coincided with the 3 match ban that I picked up.

Posted by: Crunching Tackler & laughatthedingles

who would you say are the 3 toughest opponents you've faced?

So many, Al, Sherringham, Ferdinand, Ian Wright always gave me a bad time at Southampton, but not at Rovers.

Teams, Brazil and Italy,

Posted by: laughatthedingles

who was the best player you have played with?

Al, Matt le Tiss, Lennon, Heskey.

Posted by: rover6

Who was the best centre half you played behind?

Colin, Henchoz Adams, Palister, oh and I better say Ruddock, or he’ll beat me up

Posted by: Crunching Tackler

Can you see yourself ever becoming a manager?

Don’t know, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I’m currently enjoying my role coaching the keepers, but I’m also doing my UEFA coaching badges.

Posted by: 1864roverite

which pies he rates as the top 5

Sylvia the cook at Rovers made some good pies.

Barnsley pies where ok as well, they used to bring a big tray of them into the changing room.


Posted by: Tim Southampton Rover

With the increase amount of foreign players playing in the Premier League, do you think England will struggle to produce world class goal keepers like we have done in previous years such as Shilton, Seaman and yourself?

Posted by: Big A

Only a small number of Premiership clubs have English goalkeepers now. Do you think this trend will continue to the detriment of the national team?

No disrespect to non English keepers, but with limited English keepers getting premiership experience it doesn’t help. However there are a number of good English keepers about.

Posted by: cn174

The day after Higuita did the scorpion kick in the England v Colombia game did you try it in training?

No I was never that supple, Not even with the new hip.

Posted by: 92er

How do you evaluate Brad Friedel-strengths and weaknesses?

He has confidence, has a huge frame, can kick a mile, makes great saves and I don’t see any weakness.

Posted by: Parasyte

Buffon and Kahn - both always said to be the best GK's in the world. Who would you say is better and why?

Would have to say on current performance Buffon. He’s young and a top class performer.

Posted by: Seggie

Who is the Number One Premiership Goalkeeper in your opinion?

There are a number of good keepers in the premier, Friedel, Given at Newcastle, Niemi at Southampton and I was impressed on how Howard adjusted so quick to the premier league.

Posted by: modes98

What tips would he give to a young keeper who wants to improve his game?

*my uncle was in Tim's year at school in kenilworth*

Work hard, be determined and practice all the time. If possible get a coach.

When I was a kid I used to practice on my own, kicking a ball against a tree or wall then diving to catch it.

Posted by: Crunching Tackler

whats the best thing about being a goal keeper?

You get gloves to keep yourself warm in winter. And a tracksuit bottom.

Posted by: Crunching Tackler

What do you think is the most important attribute for goalkeepers?

Stopping the ball. Keeping calm, concentration. Good foot work is very important in the game now.

Posted by: Crunching Tackler

Whats the best advice you've heard?

Always work at your game. Take notice of experienced players and coaches.

Upton my coach at Wolves always stressed work ethics as did Mike Kelly at Southampton, who coached me in to becoming a premiership and international keeper.

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Let's hope the current squad have the BOTTLE this season.

Tim Flowers - Top bloke, he didnt deserve what happened at Rovers. Watching him at Oldham that night, he knew he was out, me and my bro were gutted for him.

Good interview too. Nice one Alan.

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Fantastic stuff Alan - one of the best things I've read on here.

Barnsley pies where ok as well, they used to bring a big tray of them into the changing room.

That miserable 5-1 defeat at Oakwell is finally explained.

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What is it with Oakwell and pies, I was once denied access to the ground for being in possesion of a partly eaten pie !

I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking Alan for both arranging and conducting the interview.

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Tremendous. He always did seem to be a decent bloke. Top keeper, too.

Glad also to finally have Collymore's Divot explained.

Surprising (or maybe not) how many ex-Rovers still refer to us as their team or retain obvious affection for our club.

Current players should read and take note.

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Alan, you didn't ask Tim to marry me! what a missed opportunity.

Is that you again Gav rolleyes.gif

No, Gav only has eyes for Mark Atkins!


He's always been a bit of a 'fruit' has our GAV!!! ohmy.gif

Thanks for that Alan and cheers Tim,your efforts for Rover's between the sticks will never be forgotten...the V.E. day game and your saves against the Magpies will always be revered in Blackburn.

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A tremendous interview and very good of Tim to take the time out to speak to the fans of an old club. There is obvious affection towards Rovers and it is also good to see that he keeps in touch with other members of the championship squad.

Always comes across as a straight character and a decent bloke. One of my favourites. Hendry and Flowers for manager/director of football?

Well Done Alan on a really good interview.

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Posted by: Crunching Tackler & laughatthedingles

who would you say are the 3 toughest opponents you've faced?

So many, Al, Sherringham, Ferdinand, Ian Wright always gave me a bad time at Southampton, but not at Rovers.

Teams, Brazil and Italy,

Well done Mr 75.

Never knew you'd played against Flowers tho'?


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thanx for the great read... great questions from one and all.. thanx again.

I'm not sure all ex-Rovers feel that way, I don't think I've ever heard a decent thing about rovers from LeSaux for instance: but sod him.

Glenn- what was in your half eaten pie, that might explain the lack of access... no ?

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Nice one Alan.

I really liked the comment "When I joined the club, I called him Mr Walker and he told me, that if I didn’t call him Jack, then I might as well ###### off."

Nice. Very nice.

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Thanks Alan (and Tim) - really enjoyed reading that ! thumbs-up.gif

Jolted my memory back to the 0-0 pre-season friendly at Bloomfield Road a few years back. The team was mainly reserve players, but Tim was between the sticks and, due to the lack of action on the pitch, seemed to really enjoy the chanting from the Rovers away fans, turning round to clap the fans several times with a big smile on his face.

Tim Flowers - Ewood Legend rover.gif

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Thanks for a great interview with a Rovers legend who always played with loads of heart. Sunday night against Fulham reminded me of some of those heart-stopping last 5 minutes when Timbo and Big Col threw everything in the way for us to win.

What a way to set you up before a Friday beer and a great win tomorrow.

Come on you Blues

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Great stuff indeed.

Anyone remember his debut away at QPR? Complete sell out in the Rovers end and a wonderful atmosphere.

A woman ran on the pitch as the players came out and gave Tim a big bunch of Flowers; he was a hero from the moment he signed.

A true professional and good servant to Blackburn Rovers.

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