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Well in only a week we welcome the second biggest club in the world, a club with massive profits but with no money to spend on new transfers ! I decided to quiz two of my arm chair manure supporters who allegedly know about football but in particular manure fc.

I asked Ste and BY about how they felt about BRFC's achievements in 1995 when we famously PURCHASED the Premiership Trophy, this was after I pointed out the reality that both Arsenal and Manure had actually outspent BRFC massively with their own trophy bearing achievements.

Ste.. I was very surprised that BRFC actually managed to win the trophy but as a manure fan I felt that Liverpool would actually roll over and let you win that last match easily. As a die hard fan of manure I was gutted obviously as we clearly had outplayed you over the full season.

BY... I agree with Ste. We deserved the cup and you only bought it with JW's stash. Your club didnt deserve it and it really should have been sitting at Old Trafford. I suspect that someone had paid off the ref at West Ham.

I then pointed out that over the full season we had actually amassed more points than them and could they explain their reasoning behind their previous thoughts about having outplayed us.

Ste.. yes well we know you scored more points but really we deserved it as we played the better football. All Blackburn did was manage to scrape more points in the bag than we did and obviously had homer referees for most matches !

BY..well we all know that dalglish was up every referees arse so they played to their strengths and knowing that they would get an earful of the whingeing scot they awarded more decisions to Blackburn !

But dont you think that the original whingeing scot is non other than your own RFW ?

ste...what do you mean RFW ?

BY....que ?

Red faced whinger !

Ste....Well Fergie is god, he knows everything and has won more than anyone else. Whatever he says is right.

BY...Fergie has been there and done it, he knows best. There is not another manager that can touch him.

I hastily pointed out that RFW blatantly refuses to accept defeat gracefully and asked for their opinions.

Ste....yes he is right, if we lose its a fluke.

BY..we dont lose very often, its a once in a lifetime event so he does not have to accept anything else from anyone.

Lads, do you not think that you have adopted the typical arrogant attitude of the recent moanchester united syndrome ?


BY...no. we are the biggest and best.

What are your thoughts on the spending spree by Chelsea?

Ste.. it doesn't matter how much they have, how much they spend or who they buy, we have the experience and will win the league this season.

BY.. its an incredible amount of money that they have spent but like Ste says we have the experience and will do far better than the rich kings of chelsea.

Are you not worried about the Mourinho factor and the fact that the current Champions Arsenal have shown they can destroy any team in their way.

Ste..no. Chelsea have never won the Champs League so why should we worry about them ? Arsenal, well last season was a fluke they will never ever be known as the perfect dream team like united.

BY..I am concerned about Arsenal, Chelsea have no bottle or experience. they may be the richest but we are simpy the best. Arsenal will probably just get all the good decisions and we will suffer horrendous injuries or something like that !

Can you explain last weeks defeat then or the Charity Shield result ?

Ste..both flukey results and should not reflect on the current expertise of man utd.

BY..Chelsea were lucky, Arsenal were fortunate that our team was decimated by injuries.

Manu are supposed to be the biggest club of them all, how come you have no money for transfers ?

Ste...we are a PLC not a football club, we have to make big bucks to spend big bucks, remember we spent 30 million on Ferdinand and in todays money he would probably be worth no more than say 13 million so thats a hit of around 17 mill ! At the end of the day any player worth his salt would walk to old trafford to pull on our shirt.

BY...who said we cant. We are worth 850 million. We can buy whoever and whatever we want !

What about Alan Shearer and his refusals to join your club ?

Ste...Jack Walker spooked that deal, that is the only reason why he didnt join us oh by the wya he is a greedy @#/? !

BY...Alan who ?

So then lads, whats your real views on BRFC and what do you see in the future for them ?

Ste...a good little team, a decent set of fans however I was surprised a few years ago when a lot of them cheered as Arsenal scored 4 at your place. Cant see BRFC ever challenging for any honours in the near future. Your youth team looks as good as ours was when we had giggs,scholes and co.

BY...dont really have any views. Have a decent squad,a nice ground and a good set of fans. Your stewards are tossers as they try and make us sit down! Can see them struggling to survive unless of course you get homer referees like you did when you bought the league.

How about a prediction for Saturday ?

Ste....3-0 Man U

BY....4-1 Man U

How about a treble for a 1-0 win for Rovers, its been the score for the past 2 seasons ?

Ste...who is the ref ?

BY...no chance

What type of team can we expect to see ?

Ste...a team of superstars

By...the first eleven that Fergie selects.


will you be there ?

Ste....no got to go shopping and have other committments at dinner time.

BY...can you get me a ticket for the Blackburn End ? Otherwise no I will watch it at my friends house !

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They sit there answering the questions being cocky as United fans are. Then when asked if there going 1 of them say there Shoppin. ohmy.gif Shocking seems to me he is a little girl and very much an armchair supporter! mad.gif

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Another day of being scared to watch the telly in case they have a news flash which consists of some football pundit laughing uncontrollably and saying "and Blackburn are on the end of a record-breaking stuffing here"

Would go to the game but am going to Arse away and don't want to be depressed twice in a week.

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Wonder if the `Mancunian` visitors will be as pleasant as last April, when they started a little renovation round town.

Please god let us win.

A know there is no god, but it sounds daft saying`please Alan` or `please cheese` let us win.

Ozz is back in his lucky BBE seat for this one, as my DE seat will be in use with a Manc stood on it for 90 minutes, without any fear of admonishment from a steward or bobby.

Actually, I like the sound of `please Cheese let us win`.

Yes, yes I do.

I want everyone to say it in their previews and posts.

Except the religous members, they can use God.

Or whichever religous figurehead they choose to follow.

Unless their religon is some kind of homage to a great Cheese god figure , in which case either will do.

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dont really know wot you mean colin but they are both extremely typical of a manure fan who NEVER goes to a game unless its at Ewood and only then if they have the actual time to go ! tinykit.gif

ohmy.gif You mean they were really United "fans?"

I thought you were making it up.

* holds head in hands *

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I have no hope whatsoever 1-2 Man United.

The way things are going we will lose to Newc as well.

Southampton were crap and they proved it by losing at home to Bolton tonight,we should have had a point at least there,screw D'ARSO.

We look like we will be struggling for a while.

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