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  1. mick

    Bolton vs Rovers MOTM

    Bennett just seemed to be everywhere. He hardly put a foot wrong. Raya and Rothwell get honourable mention
  2. Wouldn't be surprised to see Rodwell make an appearance.
  3. Tony, great job. Fact not fiction.
  4. mick

    Bradley Dack

    Many footballers today are given far more credit than they deserve. Talent with your feet does not mean intelligence, necessarily. Other celebrities, too are assigned knowledge that they do not possess. We love what they do for BRFC but do we really want our daughters associated with them? That's the litmus test for character. Not to be confused with what they can do for Rovers.
  5. It's a loss. It won't be the last. Time to move on. With the new players that TM is trying to integrate into the team, Rovers could be a complete change from what has been on view thus far. I, personally, am excited at the possibilities.
  6. mick

    Support for Gladwin

    Why do you feel it necessary to take a suggestion to support an injured player off on some tangent that implies I suggested a lack of support for people who work in essential services? BTW if you think that they are ALL of great character then you are naive.
  7. mick

    Support for Gladwin

    I've never seen him play so I can't judge.
  8. Might be a good time, for those who use social media, to offer messages of encouragement to Gladwin. He certainly had the right qualities and skills at one point. If he could find his way back then he might be another welcome addition to the first team. I'm sure he gets loads of encouragement from TM and his staff but haven't seen much in the form of encouragement from Rovers' supporters. If he and Rodwell could be rehabilitated, it would make for a powerful team. Just a thought.
  9. mick

    Loan Window

    Does he count as a senior team loan?
  10. mick

    Ben Brereton

    Wouldn't mind if Rovers were able to bring in Gallagher too.
  11. mick

    Loan Window

    A good pal is a NFFC fan. He said we'd never get BB. Just awaiting his response...
  12. mick

    Loan Window

    Or kept him as a stalwart defender?
  13. mick

    Loan Window

    What's happened to the interest in Gallagher?
  14. There are some unremarkable performances by Rovers players. They are lacking pace and relying on too much long ball.
  15. mick

    Thursday deadline.

    Well with all the people who frequent this message board, ITKs, friends of players, journos, etc., and we have no idea what TM has for a transfer budget, then neither do the clubs from whom we're trying to acquire players. That alone must stand us in good stead. Proper prices for proper players. This isn't Mowbray's first rodeo! All will be well.

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