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  1. mick


    Have good friends who are CAFC season ticket holders for years. Real fans. Good people. Don't want to dash their hopes for promotion but Rovers need the win too. Under different circumstances they wouldn't be bothered but I'm sure that they are secretly hoping to be spoilers. C'mon the Rovers! Im secretly hoping that CAFC make playoffs despite losing to us.
  2. Merry Christmas to all from the Great White North. C'mon Rovers!!!
  3. mick

    Northampton Town v Rovers

    I remember helping my mate park bikes and scooters in his back yard down by Ewood in 1965. We kept hearing cheers but never dreamt that they were for goals as they were too frequent. Anyhow the plan was to get on the ground at halftime ( I think for free, too! ). After we climbed the steps at the back of the old Blackburn end we discovered that Rovers had scored 5 times before halftime and went on to win 6-1.. lets hope for a repeat. I never parked bikes with him, again!
  4. mick

    Coyle sacked

    The Mirror is saying that Tim Sherwood is to return as manager.
  5. mick

    Rovers v Man Utd

    How much of Ewood has been allocated to United fans?
  6. mick

    Rovers v Man Utd

    Even Jose applauded the goal. Cameras not on facing the Riverside? ?
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Still looking.
  8. Blackburn Boys 1967 Lancashire Champions team is having a 50th Anniversary Reunion in May 2017. I am trying to locate two of the team members, Stuart Cameron (Witton Park) and Stephen Wells (QEGS). Both lads will be approximately 65 years old now. Please have them contact me through this website. Sorry if this is an infringement of the rules but I am desperately trying to find them as they are the last two to contact. Please help if you can.
  9. mick

    Ipswich At Home 15.10.16

    I'm with you Gav. I'm over from Canada and normally would be excited to go to Ewood for the match but just can't be bothered driving up.
  10. mick

    Rovers V Norwich City

    So this is the team that OC said would show their bottle and make the fans proud of the team. Curious way of demonstrating their passion for the blue and white.
  11. mick

    European Championship France 2016

    Anybody going to be in St Etienne for the Slovakia game?
  12. mick

    European Championship France 2016

    Hopefully getting two tickets for England v Slovakia. Trying to go to at least one more game. Looking forward to the trip. On vacation and football, too. Doesn't get much better.
  13. mick

    Dingles Vs Rovers Match Thread

    Yes, JR might have been the last player to score at Turf Moor, however, if he had scored any one of the six clear cut chances he had back in October, then today's loss wouldn't be such a bitter pill! He was ridiculously poor for such a vaunted striker.
  14. mick

    Dingles Vs Rovers Match Thread

    I saw them play Burnley back in October, and if a departed unnamed striker had scored half the chances he had, then Rovers would have won easily. Rovers are a much better side now. Burnley have something to play for. A tough game. Burnley 2 v 3 Rovers
  15. mick

    West Ham United - Fa Cup 5Th Round

    I think I've got things all wrong. Rovers' fans have expected to be entertained and see goals. How dare they expect that of Rovers? There is a malaise that makes this current expression of blue and white fragile and unpredictable. They have no character. That is what is so inexcusable. It is not all PL's fault but this exhibition today could carry over into league play. Unless it is corrected things could all go south!

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