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[Archived] Whats In A Name?


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Interesting story about him, a bloke came into Ladbrokes in Blackburn where my partner is manager about a month ago with 100k cash in a bin bag wanting to place the money on Kilmarnock to beat Dunfermline away from home. The bet was 100,000 at 8/13 to win 157,000!  ohmy.gif

Anyway Kilmarnock were 2-1 up and looking ok until Dunfermline equalised in the 66th minute. The score stayed the same until well after twenty to five and Ladbrokes looked set for a huge windfall. Then it flashed up on teletext that that guy Invincible had scored on 90!

Cue the punter going from zero to 157,000 quid in an instant and much wailing and gnashing of teeth and no annual bonuses at Ladbrokes end!

Butt twitching time or what?  smile.gif


I was going to tell that story. Bloke must have felt bloody Invincible after that. I hope he sends him a Christmas card.

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What was the name of that French forward who signed for Newcastle? Translated as "galloping horse" or something similar.

He was their Grabbi.

"Limping donkey" would have been more appropriate.


Guivarch? or somethin

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One of my favorite names of all times comes from baseball:

Rusty Kuntz

There was also a NASCAR driver named Dick Trickle, but I believe he actually changed his name to that. When one of the ESPN guys over here, Dan Patrick, used to do NASCAR stories, he would end with "and Dick Trickle finished __th"

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Craig Short and Paul Dickov in the same team.

*gets coat*


i always thought it was funny to have dickov and kuqi on the same team...

there's this native kid who is a member of the detroit red wings organization (or maybe he was just in camp as a tryout), playing hockey over here...

his name is robin big snake.

user posted image

that's got to be one of the best names in sports.

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