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[Archived] Bowen For Norwich Job?


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Surely the money that we are and will be receiving from the TV deals should be enough to ensure that NO Fizzy Pop club could afford to nick our staff and especially when we are currently enjoying a renaissance in our fortunes? I cannot imagine such disruption EVER being allowed to happen at Chelsea, MU, Lpool, Arsenal etc.


1. What happens if Bowen turns out to be the power behind the throne? We could turn out to be losing our next bright young manager should MH get enticed away.

2. What happens if he takes Eddie Niedswicki with him?

If Bowen was desperate for the chance to manage Norwich then I doubt the club would stand in his way, it happens at even the biggest clubs...Brian Kidd and Steve McClaren spring to mind. Should Bowen leave I'd be astounded if Eddie N would swap an almost identical job at Rovers for one at Norwich. In fact I'd expect Eddie to be promoted into Bowen's job should we be unfortunate enough to lose him.

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It is in the Daily Mirror today....

Latest Odds from 3 leading bookmakers

Bowen, M 7/4 2 9/4

Blackwell, K 4 7/2 6

Curbishley, A 8 6 5

Hunter, M 6 6 8

Cotterill, S 14 14 -

Megson, G 14 12 14

Penney, D - - 14

Robson, B 14 10 10

Tillson, S - 14 -

Kerr, B 16 14 -

Machin, M - 16 -

McCleish, A 16 - -

Newell, M 16 12 12

Royle, J - 7 16

Sanchez, L 16 16 16

Crook, I 20 14 -

Hoddle, G 16 14 20

Livermore, D - 20 -

Reid, P 16 20 20

Wise, D 20 - -

Allen, M - 16 25

Deehan, J - - 25

O''Leary, D 20 - 25

Keegan, K 28 25 -

Adams, M 33 - 25

Brown, P - - 33

Bruce, Steve - 33 33

Dublin, D 16 33 25

Graham, Graham 33 25 25

Kidd, Brian - 33 -

Platt, D - - 33

Round, S 16 - 33

Souness, G 25 33 25

Sutton, C - 33 -

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BBC Gossip column today - hopefully Daily Mail was just picking up on old news.... mind you, earlier in the week they reported the interest from Norwich in Bowen.

Blackburn assistant manager Mark Bowen is set to be named Norwich's new boss. (Daily Mail)

Has anyone read the Mail today - does the story look geunine at all??

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Well, if he's set to be named then they've moved PDQ because yesterday they hadn't even asked! Also if you look back in the thread it's only the Daily Mail and local paper in Norwich that have gone big on the Bowen to Norwich story.

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Mark Bowen is set to stay as Blackburn's number two and turn down any approach to take over at his former club Norwich

That was last year. Let's hope Mark Bowen does the same thing again this year and turns down any possible further approach from Norwich.

The Norfolk club announced today that they have parted company with manager Peter Grant after almost exactly a year in charge at Carrow Road.

I would expect Bowen to stay at Ewood - even though he is something of a fan's favourite at Carrow Road, having scored in Norwich's UEFA Cup win against Bayern Munich in 1993. Those heady European days are firmly over for Norwich now and the only way they'll ever go back into Europe is on an EasyJet trip for their summer hols.

Norwich - who won the 1985 League Cup but were denied a place in Europe the following year due to the Heysel tragedy - are currently in third from bottom place in the Championship, which doesn't make them an attractive proposition for Bowen.

Bowen has already sounded out Ian Crook, an old Norwich team-mate now coaching in Sydney, about becoming his assistant.

Sounds like the job is his.

Sounds like you were wrong last year Jim....

Hopefully there will be nothing in it this year either.

Peter Grant leaves the Canaries by "mutual consent"

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I recall speaking to Mark and asking him about heading out on his own. One of his comments was that not everything is greener on the other side.

However, if Sparky packs his bags I could envisage him going along with him for the next 3-4 years. He will stay beside his master and after the next few years then I would think he's picked up an awful by that stage and head out on his own. A very shrewd and intelligent number 2 we have here.

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