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[Archived] Amusing Place Names

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Where ever you go in the uk/world, there always seems to be a place name that can raise a smile :) Some are funny :lol: some plain daft :wacko: & some can be rather suggestive :blush:

Please post your offerings of places you`ve seen.....(& remember, it`s just a bit of fun <_< )

There`s a place in Swaledale we went through called Crackpot. Either it`s full of daft Yorkshiremen or there`s some serious drug abuse going on in the dales.


I`ve also seen a village in the Severn Valley caled Hampton Loade....sounds like a 70s American pornstar to me.


....can you do better?

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Tw@tt's also a surname. Place I worked at in the mid-90s had the BT phone disk (the one used by directory enquiries) and of course we'd look up these things. There were 28 Tw@tts in there, including Alan Tw@tt Potatoes of Banff, Aberdeenshire.

In the BT phone book in Coventry there is a doctor called Dr. H Fhucks

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In Ireland there are the towns of Muff and @#/?stown. They always seem to get a laugh.

Always amused by Netherthong and Upperthong, the two I recall are connected by Upperthong Lane

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My parents live in Turton Bottoms

Wolverine, I agree about Ramsbottom especially if you think about the higher end of the place Upper Ramsbottom!

Nowt wrong with Rammy. Become a very desirable place to live in past 10 - 15 years.

Pleasant village nearby called Summerseat. Must be something about derrieres in those parts.

Former relations lived in a road called Titty Ho in town in East Midlands. Much mirth.

Town by name of Iron Knob in Australia. Passes for culture down under.

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