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[Archived] Everton Preview

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Everton are a good side and will be a tough game, I think it could be a repeat of opening day last season with them getting an early goal but we'll get one somehow





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Given that we've not been amazingly active in the transfer market, he might be our best option to play alongside n'zonzi, it would also solve the problem of which of our excellent centre halves to select in the starting eleven.

Might turn out to be a bad plan and we'll have to revert to andrews

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If you read this preview, click here, you will notice that in five pages of replies only one Everton fan says anything positive about Rovers. The rest is all about how much they hate Fat Sam and his ugly, long ball tactics.

me waggy are scousers me an waggy are scousers neeneneeeeneea

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Jesus Christ is that seriously Evertons away kit... :blink::blink:...2-1 Rovers..

One of the reasons I think Rovers will win the match, 2-1. This will be the first league game that Everton has played in their new pink kit, and a few are bound to be self-conscious about it. :P

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Is it me or are people getting increasingly fraught in the transfer and the takeover thread?

I think frustration is getting to everybody.

I prescribe 90 minutes of football and 3 points! Fingers crossed we get our dosage on Sat'day!

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