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[Archived] John Williams Appreciation Thread

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First of all there are no words to describe the debt we all owe to John Williams. A true gent in a world of football which doesn't have many left.

John I am so glad that you were around to take control and guide us through what has been a difficult few years. Keeping little old Blackburn in the Premiership with a minimal budget and under extreme pressure.

I wish you all the best in whatever you plan to do with your time now and hope you can enjoy the football on display at Ewood in the future.

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Just read your fitting tribute to John Williams, much better than I could have done and I echo each and every one of your sentiments on here, thanks for the tribute and thanks again John Williams.

If we were to name a stand after John then we wouldn't have one left to use because surely there are quite a number of people in the line before him

Bob Fox

Bryan Douglas

Ronnie Clayton

Simon Garner

The entire 1995 team

and so on

Bill Fox!!

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Difficult to add to sentiments others have posted. One thing though - JW has contributed as much to this club as the more successful managers have over the past few years (Souness, Hughes, Allardyce) without the obvious recognition that the team manager gets.

Many thanks and all the best.

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As you can see from all the other well wishes, we hold you in high regard John. Best of luck in all your future endeavours as we all know you will be an instant success and I am sure there will be a few companies looking at your leaving the club with interest. Thats if you decide to go down that route, and if you do, would you think of taking over from Herr Mueller at Aer Lingus, a company like that would definitely need someone like you, maybe thats just wishful thinking.

As have many others have said you are a true gent, always having time for the fans, always there to have a chat with or discuss the club. You will be sorely missed

Thanks for the 13/14 years you have worked tirelessly to make Rovers who we are today


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I would love to shake John Williams by the hand and tell him I thought he did a magnificent job with our club. I hope he considers Rovers his club too and that we'll see him at Ewood Park plenty more in the future!

Jack Built It, John Nurtured It.

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Thank you, John, for your care and nurturing of our club, the staff, the players and of us the fans. You are a legend and much loved by us all. Very best wishes to you and your family as you continue along life's path.

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Thank you John for your thoroughly professional and completely dedicated approach to your work at the Rovers. Yours was a key contribution that set us apart as a club that did business the proper way, and I will always be grateful for your service to our club.

Please join us in the Riverside, where a warm heart (a certain amount of blue language) and a pie & pint at half-time will always be on offer to you, a true Rovers Legend.

All the best!


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Thank you John for all your hard work over the years. People may say no one man is bigger than the club, but over the past few years, to anyone connected with the club, JW was synonymous with BRFC. All the best in the future, there are some big shoes to fill.

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