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[Archived] Yakubu

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If we had Yakubu (squad player) coming in for Roberts (squad player) then I don't think that would be to bad. But if we have Roberts and Yakubu that's really poor imo.

I am just hoping that we have someone else lined up to play up front to soften the blow.

Goodwillie's still here.

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Say Steve Kean (prediction)

"We have signed a player who has been sold for over £20 million in the last 7 years, a proven premier league record and over 20 goals for Nigeria in just over 50 games. He is still in his 20's and not reached his peak yet.

In his career he has been in the oppositions box a total of 19783 times.

The owners and fans should be excited by what we are doing here, this is the building block to champions league football in the 3 or 4 seasons."

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Good player. Better than Roberts and Blackman (who is crap). Proven in the Premier League unlike Goodwillie. Strong, works hard and knows where the goal is.

A very shrewd move from Rovers, Everton fans cannot understand why he doesn't get a game for them.

Feed the Yak and he will score. FACT.

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Compared to Roberts Yakubu is world class.

Perhaps he is going to be playing Roberts' role in the team (but also scoring occasionally!) with a combination of Rochina, Formica, Hoilett, Goodwillie playing off him? I think that would have a lot of potential.

The most important thing is finding a formation to fit them all in!

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Good signing as a squad player. Still only 28, officially speaking, and has a decent hit-rate at this level. People are wetting their pants over Gignac, but his record in France isn't astounding compared to Yakubu's.

Hopefully we can still sign a top-drawer striker.

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I said at the beginning of the summer I thought we should move for Yakubu.

Comparisons to Roberts are way wide of the mark, except for being black they are almost polar opposite. Roberts is great shape, works hard but unfortunately has no ability in front of goal. Yakubu is brilliant in front of goal but sometimes lacks the desire to perform.

If Kean can get the best out of him then we've got the goalscorer we've been crying out for. It's a pretty big 'if' though.

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