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[Archived] Possible Protest at Spurs Game

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A Protest is already being discussed for the Spurs game at Ewood,

This is called operation You are making us look stupid!!

I put out a tweet earlier and posted on the facebook "Sack Steve Kean group", asking what people's opinion would be on staging a fancy dress protest.


1.The club have been ridiculed in the press with various jibes hence the title "Making us look stupid.

2.Fancy dress can be fun for all, you can wear what you want, e.g Clown suits, Superman, Princesses ect ect

3.If you are not the type of person who likes fancy dress, you can simply get a Kean Out T-shirt, or bring some banners.

4.I spoke with my daughters and they said they would love to dress up, I would be happy for them to attend this type of protest as its with humour.

5. People who don't want to chant Steve Kean out ect during a game are showing they want him removing as Manager by what they are wearing.

6. When the press release hits Venkys desk, they can see visually who wants Kean out as costumes stand out.

7.The players then don't have to listen to chants for 90 minutes as they go in search of three points.

8.Fans have been taking their frustrations out on each other, and this type of protest can be fun, that men,women and children alike can take part in.

9.The press will take hundreds of pictures as everyone will be wearing different costumes.

10.The March has already been done, as has a sit in and a static protest.

Nothing is set in stone, but this is something others have welcomed.

On boxing day every year Wigan Atheletic stage fans in costume, and people pay upto £30 a ticket to enter the pubs in their town centre as its an event where people from all around attend.

Obviously some people may find this a bad idea, but I have put it here, and if anyone has any other idea's please share them.

Remember a costume can just be a Wig, or A steve Kean out T-Shirt and some have said they will wear these, whilst others including myself will wear a full blown costume with my wife and Children

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I remeber on Big Brother (not watched it in years) they use to purposely make people wear fancy dress and then do tasks that cause arguements.

The biggest aspect I remember is it was very difficult to take a person in fancy dress seriously.

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Fancy dress seems like something positive, fun and not serious.

This situatiuon is very dark, negative and very serious.

I think you should reconsider Glen

I'd like a campaign focused on calling Kean "deluded".

As bad as his results are, its his deluded attitude and fooling the press and Venkys that needs to be exposed.

I'll have to make a sign for QPR game.

Although we might win that won.

or does DKO stand for Deluded Kean Out???

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I don't like it. Sorry Glen. For a start most people are self-conscious so straight away it divides the fans into 2 groups---those who dress up and those who don't. We should be united, as one.

Secondly, Venkys will be able to portray the protesters as a minority.

Thirdly, Its not a happy time and I I feel more funereal than" jokey".

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I appreciate people putting some real effort in but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me it would look more like the fans were in good spirits.

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If this becomes the 'official' thing to do then I'm game - I have a red clown wig that would be perfect...! :wacko: BUT I just cant see it taking off, I think that continuing with the stay in protest would be enough. Another couple of crap results will see numbers staying behind increase + if he's still here for the Spurs game I will be bringing a banner. I'm sure others will be too - some cheap fabric and spray paint doesnt cost a lot - perhaps this could be the focus : Bring a banner? Though I suppose this could impact on the players during the game?

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a sit in protest at the end of the game will result in more participants than last time and will happen regardless.

there will be more people there without fancy dress than there will be people in fancy dress without doubt.

as said before it will seem like a party atmosphere but this is a very serious matter which needs serious protests.

i can just imagine Mr Kean now, telling the press how the fan's clearly love getting into the spirit of things and enjoying themselves at Ewood these days.

just continue from where we left off on Saturday, sensibly and seriously, vocal and visual with banners and we will soon hammer the message home cos numbers will grow without a doubt

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Ill say again, but the best thing to do would be a mass walk out of Ewood by half time if we are losing. I noticed fans walking early out on Saturday, but it was around 10 mins to go. The sit in was great, but again majority of the fans left, and it could have been better if everybody had stayed for the sit in. Everybody moans about Kean, but only a small minority actually does something about it. Best way, is to walk out at half time when the owners are sitting and watching.

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Not knocking the idea, but I don't think fancy dress would send out the message you want to put across and is more of a 'happy' theme. The club would probably be ridiculed even more too.

As has already been pointed out... the sit in was popular. To be taken seriously those are the lines you should continue to go down imo. I can see a lot more participating after the next game.

I have not been involved or participated in any protests but just thought i'd give you my thoughts on it.

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I've tweeted this to Glen but I'll share with everybody - my first thought was to hold a 'red card' protest where everybody holds up a red piece of A4 paper to show they want Kean out - this would be a good visual impact if the majority of people do it, but the downside is the logisitics of it all - how do we make sure there are 20,000 pieces of A$ paper around? Get everybody to print one off at home? - it would be just too hard for a lot of our apathetic supporters (I'm thinking of my Dad when I write this...)

An easier solution would be to get everybody to just wave a white handkerchief - as they do on the continent - this would be cheap & easy for EVERYBODY to do - the lazy, the old, the infirm, the PC less & the skint (thinking of my Dad again)

This would make a visual impact as we all wave Kean bye bye -- so long,farewell,auf wiedershen,adieu!

What we really need to do though is to get this away from just the keyboard warriors, the facebook followers & tweeters & get this out to the 'real' people - thinking of my Dad again.

There needs to be something in the LET & other local newspapers & whatever other local media will carry the story - we can't just rely on people logging in to social networking sites to get the message that there is going to be a protest and just how easy it is to participate

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How about having some banners/posters printed and given to every fan outside all stands with the words KEAN OUT. When the teams come out everyone is holding it, that would be some sight and be quite hard hitting.

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How about having some banners/posters printed and given to every fan outside all stands with the words KEAN OUT. When the teams come out everyone is holding it, that would be some sight and be quite hard hitting.

Fair enough idea, but:

- who will pay for it all?

- who will give them out to everybody?

- will Rovers security staff let you give them out to people outside all stands?

White hankys defo the easiest to arrange....

"In Spanish football or in bullfighting, it is a common sight to see supporters waving white handkerchiefs as an expression of deep emotion. It is used both positive in admiration of an exceptional performance by their team or a particular player (even an opposition player as was experienced by Ronaldinho during a victory for FC Barcelona over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, in which Madrid fans openly applauded his performance), or as a negative sign of disgust at an especially bad performance by their team."

Belgian clip


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Glen I have to say this is not a great idea - I'm with you all the way but I'm not going near fancy dress. Two very simple points here:

In the ground I support Rovers

Secondly during a game, when the time is right, the fans will protest. We saw this on Saturday and we will see it against Spurs. It's organic, it just happens.

Another sit in would be good.

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Kean out chants is sufficient. Others will join in. Things are so bad that it is inevitable that any protest will grow naturally. I suggest stick to the point. No need for gimmicks. The media have already picked up the protest. You just continue as you have done

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IMO what was done at the Man City game is a most effective way to protest. A combination of banners, chants, sit-in and post game gathering/march.

This sort of protest is perhaps more spontaneous so hopefully more join if results do not improve. If we lose at QPR then surely more of the apathetic Rovers fans will join in a protest.

I can only watch Rovers games on TV - we get the Premier League TV here in Thailand - and their programmes gave the protest at the City game good coverage. All aspects of the protest were seen and commented on TV. They are shown wordwide to a huge audience including India.

The big red banner saying ''KEAN OUT'' was easy to spot and more of the same would have great effect.

I worry that Kean's spin doctoring and Venky's PR could make a fancy dress protest look ''positive'' - there's not much they can do to make a banner saying ''KEAN OUT'' look anything but what it is.

Meanwhile all anti-Kean MB members could help by adding KEAN OUT or similar to thier MB signatures. I'd like mine to read somewhat different but this is a family show!!

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Its not so much a case of what sort of protests there are, but more a case of will everybody participate in it. I saw a section of the fans doing the march, and a section doing the sit in. Its just not enough me thinks, and it requires everybody to participate that is at the game. We need to see more protests at the QPR game, because we just cannot continue with a manager whose record is as awful.


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