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[Archived] Arsenal v Rovers Preview - February 4th, 1pm


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Hi all this is my first preview I wish I could say that I hope it's good enough, however the way I'm feeling about our beloved club I just hope it isn't too depressing for most people. I wanted to remain upbeat and positive whilst writing it, editing it, etc.. but feel so deflated about our situation it's been a seemingly impossible task, I have tried though I promise!

After yet another lacklustre and disappointing transfer window (being polite), the fear and uncertainty and doubt still surrounds Ewood, or should that be impending doom, horrible realisation, and hatred towards the owners and manager. To top it off yet another loss, this time against Newcastle tonight. However enough about all this, it's time to try and get on with the preview. Sigh...

Saturday 4th February we are entertained at the Emirates stadium by Arsenal for what could be the last time in a long time.

We haven't exactly got the best record at the Emirates having not managed a win and only getting a draw in the past 5 visits in the league. Also managing to lose by 4 clear goals on 3 separate occasions.

Previous results at the Emirates

Arsenal - Rovers 0 : 0

Arsenal - Rovers 6 : 2

Arsenal - Rovers 4 : 0

Arsenal - Rovers 2 : 0

Arsenal - Blackburn 6 : 2

Having not had a good record against the so called big four for a quite a while, under the stewardship of Steve Kean this seems to have changed a little, the only points we have gained at the Emirates came in a 0-0 draw under him last season. And earlier on this season you may remember an amazing victory against them at Ewood, not that we relied on 2 own goals or anything ahem, Also a victory against United and a draw against Liverpool remain the highlights to what seems to be a very long an low season. Whilst out ever optimist leader will be happy to tell everyone the positives about this, the bigger picture is there for everyone to see (apart from certain elements of the media who all seem to share a certain agent)

Whilst most of us agree that we have a club in turmoil with clear problems both on and off the pitch, certain sections of the Arsenal support believe they have problems and there have been calls from the stands and on 606 for Arsene Wenger to go, being they are in the top half of the league and with no chance of relegation, within grasping distance of champions league football yet again, not facing what looks to be a complete implosion of their club this is something that puzzles me greatly. Not to mention that they consistently get into the champions league, have almost paid off the debt for their amazing new and still shiny stadium and play some of the most watch-able football in the league I find truly bizarre to say the least.

Arsenal appear (on paper at least) to be weak at the back, with them not having a huge amount of cover. This season they have conceded a surprising amount not helped with a freak 8-2 defeat to united. However on paper they are still light years ahead of us, and there isn't one player in my opinion that would struggle to get in our team as a first choice pick.

Questions (with answers hopefully to follow)

At Rovers we have been widely criticised for our protests about Steve Kean and Venkys. How are your fans getting away with calls both from the terraces and on 606 to get Wenger Removed as manager, when you're lying in 5th position (at the time of writing before another bad rovers result against Newcastle) and have achieved champions league qualification for the last 14 years?

Why do you want to remove the most successful manager in your history?

Can we swap Kean for Wenger?

Please? :)

Who should we be most worried about facing in your likely starting 11? With the obvious exception of Van Persie as he always manages to score against us!

What is your opinion of Rovers from an outside perspective?

Possible line-ups



Szczesny, Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Rosicky, Benayoun, Coquelin, Arteta, Walcott, Arshavin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Song, Van Persie, Henry, etc...


I Have no idea! It all seems down to contractual issues, who they can release next to give away free but this is the team that lined up against Newcastle on Wednesday (tonight)

Starting 11 Robinson, Mn Olsson, Givet, Dann, Lowe, Dunn, Pedersen, Petrovic, Nzonzi, Hoilett, Modeste

Subs Bunn, Hanley, Henley, Formica, Vukcevic, Slew, Rochina

I can't say I'm overly hopeful about the game, I feel the best result we are likely to get will be a lucky draw. However there is the very real possibility of getting a proper stuffing by them to make amends for our very lucky win earlier on this season.

Regardless of the result Keen will still retain 100% of the backing of the owners, nothing will change. It all feels so depressing.

I'm putting a couple of quid on a 4-0 loss Van Persie to score first, I feel it's our best chance to get a result!

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this season we always lose when we have a big chance of getting away from the relegation line. When everyone thinks it is over and we have no chance staying up we get an odd win. Think we might get an odd win vs arsenal, or maybe vs city. its just typical for our season :)

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IF we can get Sambas head screwed on I would start him up top with Modeste, I would play a 4-4-2 and just go for it, we need pointS, I would rather go for it than sit back hoping we will ride our luck. Arsenal not won in 3 now and ARE DUE a win. Cant see Arsenal miss firing for 4 games so I think go for it and give them a surprise element by playing 2 up top (1 being samba) and go for it.

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I'm not sure about playing Samba up front, but he should play whether his 'head is right' or not. Every set piece he will be up there anyway causing trouble and he's much better than Dann in defence.

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I would play a 4-4-2 and just go for it, we need pointS

I love how the assumption is that 4-4-2 means you are more likely to score goals.

4-5-1 is more likely to bring points. That's why the vast majority of teams play that formation.

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No Samba, no Yak and no hope.

Last night at Ewood, I thought there was a smell of relegation everywhere. When it's 'your turn', you just seem to sense it, especially if you've been there before and, unfortunately, we have on too many occasions.

If Arsenal score early, I really feel that it could be an absolute rout. Arsenal by at least two clear goals but it really could end-up much worse.

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6-0 L'Arse.

Keans abhorrent attempt at showing I am the boss has riled me beyond belief. Not allowing Samba back into the fold may well have a more than negative effect on Saturday when we will need all hands to the pump.

The wenger boys are on a pay back mission for what happened at Ewood and we could well do with just limiting the amount of goals we ship.

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