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[Archived] Guess the real gate v Brighton

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What difference would that make? Venkys turned up earlier this season and there wasn't a peep.

I'll go for 11, 352 for the official attendance

Before the Bolton home game I knew we needed a win because we had some very hard matches to come before February. I cannot see which game we will win in this run....

Bolton H LOST

Burnley A DREW

Cardiff H LOST

Blackpool A LOST

Brighton H

Boro A

Barnsley A

Forest H

Wolves A

Charlton H

Brighton A

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Trouble is we'll never know for sure. Our minumim gate will be 12k no matter how many physically make it through the turnstiles.

I'll be there through habit/morbid curiosity but I reckon it'll be quiet. 7,500k?

That'll be nothing on the FA Cup tie against Bristol though.

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If the Chicken Lords turn up it might put an extra 2,000 on as fans turn up to attack them.

No they wouldn't because the fans are scared shitless of standing up to them . This was proved last season when apart from one game against Wigan. At least I managed to tell one of the venky clan they were hated when I collared one outside the directors entrance.

As for gate , no idea . Just want these turds out .

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I'm going just to give Shebby some verbals

Why just Shebby?, there are others who have /are doing bloody well out of the destruction of the club, or have just sat there silent for two years , take a look in the Directors box, probably why the half season tickets are priced higher around there to keep people away from them .

Can anybody see a new banner ban coming ?

Real attendance vs Brighton - 8,500 - Free tickets 1,000 - Official Figure 13,500 - Programmes sold 650,000 - Savings on Pencils 25p

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The latter are local derbies for them, I imagine they'll bring about the same amount as they took to Burnley.

Ewood will be a new ground for a few of them but a few days before christmas may dampen it. I still reckon 1k plus though.

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