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[Archived] Rovers vs Watford - Tuesday 1 October - Kick-off 19:45

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14th Minute

Derby 1 3 Ipswich

interesting to note. Whatever.

whoops, just posted, delete mechanism here?? I miss it.

McCarthy's got them off to a good start. Would have really liked to have seen him here.

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This is the Rovers v Watford thread ..right??

It has actually kicked off...yes??.... I only ask because so far nobody has seemed to even mentioned the match.

EDIT: Ah! at last two posts that tell me there is actually a match in progress

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McCarthy has McLaren in his pocket right now at least - Ipswich lead 4-1 now. Not much happening at Ewood though....

Thanks Moerpho. It is coming to something when the only news I can get of a Rovers match at Ewood comes from s fan in Norway listening on his local radio. Where I am in Scotland the only football match in the whole world is happening right now at Celtic Park. :huh:

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Evans been our best player this half according to RR - just went close after we had a penalty-claim waved away. Last 5-10 mins it sounds like we've been on top.

Edit: Fife - I'm listening to official Radio Rovers online - well spent 5£ pr month if I'm honest.

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