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[Archived] Wish List for 2014


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I know this has got the potential to go very wrong on here but just thought its the 1st Xmas in a while that offers the faintest glimmer of optimism at our Club-on the playing side only, i hasten to add.

Realistically then, what do we reasonably want to see happen in 2014.? I hesitate to use the phrase ''expect to see'' given that we are dealing with a bunch of nutjobs where anything could happen at any moment.

It just might be a good reference point in a years time to look back and see what actually happened.

Couple of starters for ten:-

1)Shebby stays 8000 miles away and we make a couple of decent appointments to the Board that leave us less reliant on the inadequate shelfmeister and we start to be able to identify with whatever plan there is going forward.

2)Venkys pay up the toxic few high earners who seem intent on dragging us through the sh1te and then write off the bank debt and the loans they have made to the club to make us at least look like we are going somewhere as a Club.

Probably far too much to ask but would be good to get a few views .

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Sign Cairney, sell best / DJ / Orr

Im not greedy, so I'll leave it at that :xmas:

I'm even less greedy.

Sign Cairney. Get rid of (in some way) those players :)

Although I'd also like to see the back of Goodwillie, Olsson, Jorge, Edinho etc

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What we all wish for is to be rescued from Venkys but failing that I would like the lack of drama to continue but we all fear what will happen if we fail to go up

I wouldn't mind continuing like this I don't think its that bad myself but we know even this is unsustainable

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I've given this a lot of thought and really for me the only thing I want to see in 2014 is:

I think it would be really beneficial to the team and our general play if that Rhodes fell could try and get better at holding the ball up and linking play. Hopefully he still score goals galore but the ones he doesn't now get will hopefully be offset by his assists. Could even make an interesting debate, what do others think?

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What I'd like is a mid table finish, avoiding the playoffs by maybe 8-10 points. Id like to see Rhodes, Hanley, Henley, Evans, Dann, King and Cairney (if signed permanently) all sold to temporarily cover some of our debt. Then, and I know its looking a little further ahead, I'd like to see a squad built around cheapish journeymen who hope to avoid the drop in 2015. It would be nice to think we might even clear that debt and maybe look forward to a sustained period of neglect from our owners who might keep us on as they can't find a buyer but ultimately won't even remember to send us a Christmas card each year. Then what would be great would be if we could slip off quietly and die peacefully under a cold rock somewhere away from those glamorous lights of the glitzy premier league.

Or alternatively it might nice if this young squad manages to find its feet and starts to believe it can maybe just maybe perform at this level. Players like King grasp the nettle and begin to understand they have the ability to hurt defences in this division and enjoy doing so each week. Players like Rochina suddenly realise the game they profess to love is a team game. Those other buggers running about in the same colours are there to help and be helped. If that penny drops then who knows where the season might end. Maybe we might realise we have got the most lethal finisher in the division upfront and learn to give him the ball where he can attack space and not get walloped by a Danny Shittuesque brick out-house. Maybe our blossoming center half pairing will realise they have the makings of a good partnership. One might stop looking for a move and continue to show signs he is contented where he is. The other one might get a tiny bit fitter but continue to show signs that he has the makings of a good center half at last. Our rookie manager may also continue to develop and improve also. Maybe if all these things come together we might have a late surge up the tables and have a crack at the playoffs.

I'm just not sure which direction I'd like us to head in. This season is a real sliding doors moment.

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Wish List

A Non executive Director collaborator to regain his voice and explain why a FA tie is more important than the rape, pillage and destruction of a football club

a Shelf salesman, a PR snake ,an FA favourite Agent and a LMA role model's bank accounts frozen under a criminal investigation (although it must be pointed out that a shelf salesman as never met a FA Favourite Agent, ever in fact he's never met anybody)

Members of the FA caught in Rio with former Swiss business partners spit roasting Brazillian ladyboys on a bed of dirty money

A peasants uprising in Pune which sees the wealthy owners of a chicken business, property invaded and the owners tortured before being robbed of everything they have got and their property burnt to the ground.

Happy New Year

P.s OH and 35 Years :)

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