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Elton John Concert At Ewood

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Extortionate pricing..

Was talking to a mate who said he watched all the famous bands in the 80 and 90's at Manchester, Blackpool, Preston Lancaster and Blackburn. He was on a factory wage and could afford to go every week. Stadium tours have ruined love music.

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Extortionate pricing..

Well extortionate yes but pretty much what I would expect. We chatted amongst 9 of us who often do concerts, theatre, film together and decided against going - none of us are fans really but as it's so close was worh considering. It will be a great night for those who do go.

Jools Holland is playing KGH July 2017 and some of our group are going. I was interested till I discovered it was £42. That did surprise me £25 I would have gone but £42? Nope.

It simply depends on taste. I've often paid £60-90 to see Springsteen without even thinking of it. When he announces the final E Street tour 4 of our group are already decided we will go wherever in the world to see it. He won't be coming back to Manchester.

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His voice isn't what it was imo.

Was dragged to see him in Manchester by an ex a few times about ten years ago and although not really a fan I thought he was really good. Voice was noticeable even then but for a live artist he still sounded ok although it was in Manchester Arena or whatever it was called at the time. Not sure how he'll come across in an open stadium.

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Someone said Iron Maiden are touring UK next year so sack Elton off and give him an NDA.

Elton out, Maiden in !!!





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