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[Archived] Rovers Under 23's Vs Carlisle

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Fielding Brown, Stokes and Bennett is a bit of a P*** take isn't it?

Thought it was for the under 23's?

(I'm aware the rules say you can play them but doesn't it kinda defeat the point?)

Its not a bad way of getting them some game time in a competitive game

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A really good game of football with the Rovers youngsters in no way disgraced. Stokes, Bennett and Brown were included to give them more match time and Stokes had an outstanding game whilst Brown and Bennett were steady throughout. Nyambe and Tomlinson were impressive as was Mahoney on the right wing. Carlisle, who are in the play-off places, look a very capable outfit and played some attractive football. It was an excellent game to watch with a friendly home crowd who we were sat with. Considering the devastation that the floods brought in December the ground looks really well. Although the Rovers can't progress in this competition after the Oldham game, it has provided invaluable experience against more seasoned professionals.

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I agree with the above. When premier league team u23s were invited to play. They hoped to get some of the senior players on the pitch. Of course the big boys turned down the invitation. Rovers team last night actually had a fair few first team appearances between them.should bode well for the future.

Experience for our young lads is priceless, how much damage this causes to the competition as a whlole I'm unsure. Many of the academy teams have already won games but as usual with this sort of competition it is hard to tell how seriously teams are taking the completion.

Are the league 1 and 2 side generally fielding weaker squads. Are other teams academies featuring any first teamers ?

So far I have enjoyed the challenge for our young lads, I have to say.

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