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Bill Bancroft RIP

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Rest in Peace, a good man.

My grandad was his hairdresser and good friends with him, as he was with many connected to Rovers including the great Jack Walker.

I remember through his connections with the club (he was still president) he got me the yellow and black away kit before it was released.

Sounds like he’s had a life well lived and left a great legacy 

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William Bancroft was a football chairman of a by gone era and that is not to belittle but to laud his achievements. The time when local people without deep pockets gave their all for their local league football club and had a realistic opportunity of promotion  to the highest level.

Our Chairman at a time when the club's very existence was precarious and suffering some of its lowest moments in history, he skillfully steered the club to safety and appointed a string of exceptional managers. 

Got to remember he too suffered the chants of sack the board and worse.

rip a fine man

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He was the chairman when I first started watching Rovers. I didn't have a clue at that tender age, what went on in a boardroom, or even what a chairman was. I simply recall reading the programmes from back to front and seeing his name. 

Chairman WH Bancroft was etched in my mind from back then, in the early seventies.

RIP Mr Bancroft.

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In my previous life, I worked for one of the " Big 4 " Banks and in the late 90's one of my customers was a Coach firm in Greater Manchester. The owner told me that at one stage he had the Rovers contract, as none of the local firms would take Rovers, due to a combination of damage from opposing fans and late payment. He told me that at one stage, Mr Fox was paying him out of his own pocket ..

He was with Bill Fox at Boundary Park the day Burnley beat Orient to stay in the League, a result he said that caused Bill to use some industrial language, " But Bill, they're your historical rivals, did you really want them out of the League ? " ..... " Yes, I bloody well did, to shut t'buggers up for ever ! "  ( that was the gist of it .. )

All of you can be reassured that at least at that time, you had " one of your own " at the helm at Ewood !! 😉

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