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[Archived] Portsmouth V Rovers 0-1


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It's probably a dumb question, and I really should know the answer, but why doesn't Dickov's suspension cover the Cardiff cup game ?

I thought the new rule was the suspension came into effect for the next game to be played.

Still, a good result today from a potentially tricky game, and the other scores went our way too........got to be worth a beer in anyone's book !!

Dickov's suspension starts 7 days after the 5th booking, under the totting-up rules.

Red card suspensions start immediately.

....ahhhh !!! That explains it then !

Thanks !

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A huge win, MGP scores again and plays another 90 minutes and a clean sheet. I couldn't ask for much more, although a stiker would be nice and Hughes should address this problem. Mokoena and Nelsen sound like they had solid debuts. Good to hear that Jansen got a couple of minutes. Bolton next and hopefully another win, which could take us up to about 12th I think.

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Anyone seen how the premiership debutants have played today?

From BBC's Live Text (before it shut down at the end of the first half) and from Blackburn's Minute-by-minute tracker, Nelsen sounded to be active:

4:53 Attacking throw-in by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn).

13:06 Booking Foul by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn) on Aiyegbeni Yakubu (Portsmouth). Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn) booked for unsporting behaviour.

25 MINS: Nelsen feeds Thompson, he cuts in from the right and shoots, but it takes a deflection and is easy for Hislop.

29 MINS: Nelsen upfield to Dickov, he lays it to his right to Gallagher who strikes it first time, but his effort is wide.

35:22 Attacking throw-in by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn).

35 MINS: Ryan Nelsen goes down the right his centre is on a plate for Thompson but he strikes it first time over the bar.

36:04 Cross by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn), resulting in open play.

40:36 Cross by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn), shot by Paul Dickov (Blackburn) right-footed from right side of penalty area (18 yards), missed right. Goal kick taken long by Shaka Hislop (Portsmouth).

45:00 (0:11) Cross by Ryan Nelsen (Blackburn), clearance by Gary O'Neil (Portsmouth).

Not any mention of second half activity, but since these trackers tend to focus on the attack, could have been that Ryan didn't go forward as much once Rovers had the lead.

Or it could be that, not having played in a match since November, he's not as fit as he will be and couldn't go forward as much.

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I didn't listen nor watch the game, but we won so how could I not be happy?

Looking forward to hearing how Mokoena and Nelsen did on their debuts, as well as how a central midfield of Tugay (Just returned from injury) and Thommo worked. Oh, and ofcourse MGP and our strikers, including Jansen wink.gif Uhm, might as well say I'm interested in everything.

Anyway... I'd like to believe that Hughes didn't play MGP simply because he wasn't ready earlier. It's true that he scored vs Bournemouth, but again that doesn't mean he was ready for the PL by that time. I'm glad to see him scoring, and especially in the way he has done it so far wink.gif I've always been a fan of the chip, and if his two goals were chips (Haven't seen them yet I'm afraid sad.gif) then I love the guy!

9 points down to the dropzone now, and if the results go our way next week we could be 12th! Either way we're on our way to safety. Three out of Southampton, Palace, WBA and Norwich will go down. My money is on the three newcomers, I believe Southampton will shape up.

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Well thats an unexpected 3 points. And a 2nd successive win at fort fratton park.

Referee sounded very bad.

Nice to see MGP score AGAIN.

The defence also sounded rock solid, they seemed to repell anything that came at them.

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I feared the worst when I heard that Tugay was in the starting eleven. Am I the only one to have question marks over Tugs?

I listened to the game but it's difficult to get a feel as to how well the players did. With reference to the lads making their first statrs it sounded like Nelsen was strong in the tackle and very solid, Mokoena got his foot in and knows when to make a 'clumsy' challenge. There was a spell in the second half where the commentator must have said 'Nelsen wins the ball', or 'great challenge from Nelsen' or 'they couldn't get passed Nelsen' about five times in a minute..or so it seemed. I'm looking forward to seeing the new lads on Wednesday.

It all sounded quite encouraging even if we didn't put the game safe. I'm looking forward to seeing another MGP goal. Well done, lad!

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My prediction: 1 - 0 to Rovers, with MGP scoring the winner. wink.gif


How did Spuds do?

8th placed, 1 loss in 9 matches, midfielders that score, strikers that score, good supporters. thanks for asking.

how did rovers do? who scored?

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I didnt see how his "lightweight,over-hyped,fragile body,who just couldnt cut it in his first 3 games as he was supposedly crap beyond redemption" stature affected his performance today.

you really are a prize prat sometimes.

What people have being saying (myself included) is that MGP had looked lightweight and ineffective in reserve games.

He now seems to have worked on his body strength and has scored 2 vital goals.

HOWEVER at the Cardiff game he was missing for about 80 minutes of the game. I dont know how he was today - I was visiting my dad in hospital so I didnt get to listen to the game.

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Just got back from the game.

Excellent battling performance to get the 3pts.

The defence were great in keeping a clean sheet. Friedel produced a great save from Fuller (i think) which was dipping into the top corner but Friedel pushed it over.

Our back four were great and really got stuck in despite 3 of the 4 being on yellow cards and also with 2 of them making their league debuts.

I must add some praise to both of them for really adapting to the tough conditions as it seemed quite slippery out there and with them only just recently signing, they seemed to adapt to the game tempo with ease.

MGP took his goal well, from where I was it was quite similar to the Cardiff goal he scored.

Just a quick note to the Pompey fans... ha ha biggrin.gif

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Thinking about our recent results, the reports of promising debuts by Nelson and Moekena, the signs that Pedersen might prove to be the sort of player we hoped he could be and the prospect of signing Savage; we are starting to look like we have the sort of depth required to stay up, at the least. We could do with hanging on to Ferguson until the end of season, then getting the best price we can for him. If he helps us climb a few places before the end of the season it might offset any drop in his value. If we do well he might even start a bidding war. We could certainly do with another striker, but if that's obvious to us then it's painfully obvious to Hughes. As is, I'm at least beginning to think beyond the prospect of relegation, so I'm happy for Hughes to try and coach a few more goals out of the strikers we have until the right player becomes available. He's proving to be quite shrewd in the transfer market, but he's proving equally good at improving a previously under performing squad. I'm almost cautiously optimistic.

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Just got back from match. Tugay was awful but apart from that alot of strong individul performances including notably Nissa at full back. Pedersen still looks lightweight and easily dispossessed but one thrilling second half run certainly shows promise. Nelsen looks fearsomely strong more like All Bl;ack than a typical footballer.

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Found this post on a Pompey board.

Just got in and haven't read what's been said already. Never seen a game like that before where the away team were prepared to push a totally inadequate referee to the limits. Scenario - 3 on 1 and sure to score but player in possession tripped cynically from behind. League rules say if not last defender you don't get sent off so you keep 11 men on the pitch because the trip wasn't done by the last defender.

Rest of game (same as went before), trip, pull, push, kick opposition until they retaliate.

He should not referee again.

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They don't like us down there !

Are Blackburn the dirtiest side in the Prem


Just like Hughes , dirty of the ball incidents and the ref sends off two of ours ffs .

How come when Kamara was through on goal gets brought down by the most cynical foul I have ever seen the so called footballer stays on the pitch .

Their number 14 fouled LL no less than 5 times before the ref (sic) booked him .

The ref has to be one of the most incompetent I have ever seen , utter sheyte .

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Just got back from the game too - The new guys look very good, they played very well, Lucas Neil might struggle to get back into the team if Nelson can perform like he did today at right back!

Tugay for me was shocking today, He just wasn't with it at all, If savage signs, bye bye Tugs!

And also - what a dump Fratton Park is - It shouldn't be allowed in the Premiership

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