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[Archived] Charlton Away

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Arsenal v Reading

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Charlton v Blackburn

Middlesbrough v Crystal Palace

Millwall v Birmingham

All in all, a seriously bad draw. Apart from the prospect of BIG CLUB getting embarassed, few of the more powerful Prem clubs have been drawn against each other.

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Not much to separate the teams when both have got their strongest eleven out. However, I'd say that Charlton have the edge, not just because they're full of confidence right now but in central midfield, Smertin and Murphy are a stronger combination than Tugay and Savage.

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Shame we didn't get Man United with the way they're playing today.


Well that is the premiership done and dusted then. Blimey before October is out.

Anyway, Charlton is a tough draw but they seem to play better away than home so maybe they'll do us this Saturday and then we'll do them in the cup

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In the absence of a Charlton match thread, I'll put this here - mods feel free to move.

I for one do not see Charlton (league home game) as a walk in the park. They are a good team and have finished significantly above us the last two seasons, and are off to a flyer away from home so far.

It galls me to see them doing better than us as during the 2nd division days I always saw them as London's equivalent of us. Some great days in the past, but not having the fan base or the infrastructure to ever rise again. Of course things got a lot worse for them just as Jack was changing our history. While we were winning the league, they didn't even have a ground or many fans and seemed down and out.

Without a Jack figure, they have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, got a good tidy ground, a good manager, some excellent young players coming through, and have spent quite wisely. So while many on this board think that we are punching over our weight, thanking heavens that our faceless owners add another 10% to the income line, I personally don't see why we can't do what Charlton have done and compete at this level without being seen as a chartity case. Jack left us a terrific infrastructure, we just need an abitious but still prudent ownership.

Anyway, I digress:

2-2 (Bellamy-2; Hales, Bartram) 17,231

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