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[Archived] Rovers 0-2 Everton

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Well, this Saturday sees the first visit to Lancashire from a team eminating from the original City of Thieves and OH MY how the tables have turned in the past 12 months.

Last season we saw a vibrant (sometimes) Everton team, hell bent on obtaining 1-0 wins, a feat they succeeded well enough to grant them a chance in the Champions League. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to get any sort of a kind of positive result when playing the Boys from Ewood. at the same time, last season saw Rovers the struggling outfit, fighting for their lives in the aftermath of the Souness Regime.

This Saturday sees the very opposite. Rovers welcome an Everton side buoyed by a couple of decent results sandwiched between some seriously poor displays, their last away game resulting in a 4-0 loss at WBA of all places. For us at Ewood, we see a different team, esconced in the middle tier of teams looking to achieve some sort of top 8 finish, a team now well reknowned for their fight, their tenacity and more recently a team known to be able to play outstanding football.

So, what can we expect on Saturday ? A negative Everton display ? the other Everton first 11 ? A team without any spirit ?

I asked a good mate of mine, Ste, who is a season ticket holder at EFC and who will be one of the visiting fans at ewood on Saturday, a few questions to find out what it is like being the most successful team in Merseyside by finishing above Liverpool and then seeing their achievement rubbed in dog muck as their red counterparts only went and won the Champions League in the most dramatic of styles - a way in whcih we will probably never see a team come back from 3-0 down in the final to prize away footballs biggest domestic prize.

Ste, how do you see the change in fortune for your side this season ? I mean a fantastic season last year saw your hopes and dreams rise from the ashes burned many many years ago ?

Well, last year was just superb. We had fight and determination but most of all a solid team spirit, this seems to be absent this season, especially when playing away from home. We seriously miss Graveson and Carsley and injuries have certainly played their part with Beattie, VDM and Ferguson. Bent has gone awol and of course the fact that our early exit from European competition has had a seriously negative effect on the club.

We can normally expect 8000 away fans at our ground, what factors do you think are playing the most part in keeping supporters away from the grounds ?

There is dismay at our club at the away fans being priced out of attending games. I mean how can Chelski justify £48 ? Likewise the Midland clubs average £35-£38 and some dont even offer concessions. the price of attending games is shooting through the roof and it is impossible to keep paying those kind of prices.

How is Moyes coping with the sudden downturn in perofrmances and does he retain the support of the fans ?

DM is the man for the job, I think the fans against him are in a serious minority. There is no doubt he has the class to go on to manage a big club, he has recently been muted for MUFC and the Rangers job. he certainly has got the best out of players available to him, examples are weir, ferguson and hibbert.

How did you enjoy European competition ?

Blackburn cant really comment can they ? (I then point out to him the number f season we have been there and he backs down). The performances were unacceptable say no more.

What kind of game can we expect Everton to play ?

I think 4-5-1 sounds favourable, its a game we cannot afford to lose. Playing Beattie up front alone supported by cahill and VDM and then later on if its a stalemate revert to 4-4-2 with Bent joining Beattie up front. The main thing for Everton is to counter Rovers midfield which is undoubtedly one of the hardest in the league, we also have to cripple Bellamy at the earliest opportunity as none of the defenders have his pace, even YOBO.

Which Rovers players do you fear ?

Pederson has a wicked shot, Bellamy has speed, Savage has the nouse to wind anyone up (watch out Cahill) and in Nelsen and Todd PLUS Neill, its the hardest defence as well. There is danger all over as we have seen this season.

Can I tempt you to a prediction ?

Hughes to be Man U manager by the start of next season ! As to the match either 1-1 or a scrappy by the odd goal win, mind you the wya we have played away after a win suggests a 3 goal beating ! I can definately see a sending off for BOTH teams.

Who is your favourite ex-player who has appeared for both teams and why ?

Well, I can think of Jim Arnold, John Bailey, Glenn Keeley and Duncan mckenzie, are there any more ? Out of that lot it has to be McKenzie. the most skilfull player ever to grace the turf at Everton.

and finally........

Being someone in the know.......

How many cars do you think will get nicked within the 2 hours immediately after the match ?


Cheers Ste, my own prediction is a Rovers 2-0 win. My favourite player from both teams has to be Howard Kendall and based on the past few years I think 5 cars will get nicked from around Ewood, 3 to turn up in Merseyside and the other 2 will be found burned out smile.gif

oh YES, Nearly forgot, can you remember what you were doing on that famous night in May when the team in Red beat AC Milan to win th CL cup for the 5th time, an unprecedented feat ?

yes, drowning my sorrows dry.gif

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After tonights sublime performance the formation has to be:

                Bellamy    Kuqi

Pedersen    Reid      Tugay    Thompson

    Gray        Nelsen    Zurab    Niell


Subs:  Encks, Axe, Savage, Emerton, Bentley

2-1 Rovers. (MGP, Bellamy)

The big question is whether Hughes will drop Savage. He is Sparky's talisman but how can he stay in after that comeback?

Are we going to see the Thompson of two years ago? I am baiting my breath! Such a goal threat when he is on form and just a better attacking player than Emerton all round. Deserves the start even if the Aussie wasn't bad as such.

Todd was solid and Zurab actually sounded like he didn't have that good a game tonight, but why delay the inevitable? Give Zurab the spot in the middle and Nelsen the armband.

Looking forward to people who actually went to the game slating this! Very happy!

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Is it me or has Todd regained his place at centre back for last couple of games? Is it a coincidence we have no conceeded 5 goals in 2 games? Anyway, Zura for centre back! Tonights results is an importiant one, a comeback like that is better than a normal win for morale and confidence, and importiant not to dwell on the arsenal defeat. Having lost tonight I would have been worried about saturday, but no im going for a 2-0 win. Bellamy and Pedersen.

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Great preview 1864- glad your mate Ste rates Duncan McKenzie so highly amongst the great players that have graced the Toffees in recent decades.

I cannot see Everton winning this one which has set alarm bells ringing that we'll come a cropper!

Given Rovers seem to be making a habit of winning spectacularly, I'm going for a rousing 4-2 (I know Everton don't score but something not quite right at the back for Rovers at the moment) to bring the punters back to witness the following week's dull as dish water 0-0 with the Hammers.

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With regard to Everton-Rovers connections, your interviewee was obviously too young to remember Fred Pickering and Sir Keith Newton, who both played for both clubs.

Wales intertnational Roy Vernon was another and not forgetting of course dear old George Sharples, probably the best £10,000 Rovers ever spent.

Of the players mentioned McKenzie was the most talented but could be a terrible showpony at times. The class player was Newton.

Bellamy to run riot in 3-1 Rovers win.

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After last night's spirited comeback and return to form? and Everton's inconsistency, looking at a win for us. Reckon it'll be a close one but it'll be 3 points in the bag.

Definitely want us beat them, got a mate who's an Everton fan. Keeps harping on about last season and, still, Rooney. Yes, the guy still lives in tha past but would be good to see his face.

*cue Keegan "I would love it" rant* biggrin.gif

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After tonights sublime performance the formation has to be:

2-1 Rovers. (MGP, Bellamy)

The big question is whether Hughes will drop Savage. He is Sparky's talisman but how can he stay in after that comeback?

If he dropped Emerton for a few games then I'm sure (hope) he'll do the same to Savage.

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