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[Archived] Champions League

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I was going to open this topic before the games today but now I really have to open it.

Arsenal 2 - Juventus 0

great result for Arsenal. They have a great possibility of being in the semis.

Benfica 0 - Barcelona 0

Fair result but more appropriate if there were goals.

The referee helped Barça by denying Benfica two penalties and forgeting some yellow cards for Barça players.

The Referee were:

Stephen Bennett (ENG)

Assistant referee

Philip Sharp (ENG) Michael Tingey (ENG)

Are they always that bad? mad.gif

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I may be seeing things differently but I watched the full Benfica Barca game as I stand to win a wad of cash if barca win the Chamions League. Benfica had chances in the 2nd half and put pressure on the last 15 minutes but Barcelona should really have been out of sight after 60 minutes.

As far as the penalty appeals, the first one when Van Bronkhurst (sp) stopped the shot with the keeper out of position was a brilliant block and no way handball. The second one though should have been given.

Even though Benfica didnt concede an away goal tonight I'm still pretty sure that Barcelona will win the 2nd leg outright.

As far as Mr Bennet goes Oklahoma, I can assure you he had no hidden agenda. IMO he is just the worst ref in the premier league. He lets people off when they should be carded but then has games where he books someone early for nothing, ends up setting a precedent for the rest of the game and inevitable someone is sent off for two very inoccuous incidents.

He sent Elliot off in the SWP diving incident. Danny Murphy for absolutely nothing against Arsenal and 9 others this season. He also gave cheating Diouf that dive of a penalty at Ewood last year

(Note- I also see he sent a Udinese player off against Barce in the Champ Leage so maybe you have a point!)

Arsenal seemed to play well from what I saw in the moments I flicked over. Fabregas has taken a while to start to fulfil last years potential but is begining to look the part.

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Is any of them a Manure or Liverpool fan?

They might be mad at Benfica for putting them out of CL.


Oh come on, don't start the conspiracy @#/?. mad.gif

I know the Champion's League takes a lot of stick for being elitist etc etc...which may well be true, but tonight's games were excellent. Juve embarrassed themselves by their behaviour but Arsenal played some of the best free-flowing football I've seen in a long time.

The Barcelona and Benfica game may have been 0-0 but it was another one you couldn't take your eyes off. How Barca never tonked Benfica I'll never know, I can't recall the last time I saw a team have that many great opportunities and fail to score a single goal.

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Barca V Arse in the final is looking mouthwatering.

Viera was very dissapointing on his return to Highbury and Henry had the ball on a string. When he is playing like that he just makes the opposition look silly.

We are going to look mighty good there next year ph34r.gif

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Juventus were a disgrace lastnight, they played crap football, showed no creativity and should have lost by more than two goals.

I do not want Arsenal to win the CL for sure, should we somehow finish fourth and they win the CL were all going to be angry Rovers fans.

!!!!!!!!!Come on Barcelona!!!!!!!!!

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They were also very lucky to get past Lyon in the previous round.

If Arsenal do make it past Villareal (and there is a good chance they won't) then they would have a chance in a one-off match against anyone, even Barca. Although I have to be honest and say my money would still be on Ronnie to lead his team to victory.

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I fancy Arsenal you know. I think their mix of work ethic (in Europe) and wonderful skill suits playing Barcelona. They've dispatched Juventus and Real Madrid with ease and I think this semi-final is a tough test as they face a hard working team this time, but if they make it through then I think they have a very good chance.

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Apart from the awesome Kaka and the peerless Shevchenko, Milan were appalling last night. Barca are a superior footballing team and must be a sure bet for the competition. In Ronaldinho, Messi, Larsson, Giuly and the lethal Eto'o they have the most complete set of attacking players in world football.

However I fancy Arsenal to win the Champions League. Henry is without equal in his ability to lead by example and talent. Behind him is a solid, hard working team, brimming with self-belief. Fabregas is the most exciting young player in Europe right now; a playmaker with the ability to dictate the game, dominate the midfield, score goals and create passes and space from nothing. And he's only 18. The equally impressive Eboue has come from nowhere and his chemistry with Hleb (a footballer so at ease with the ball that it hurts) is a major aspect of Arsenal's attacking play.

If indeed we have no chance of making next season's CL, then I'd like Arsenal to win it. We are blessed to have a player of Henry's calibre playing in the Premiership and it would a shame to see him go elsewhere.

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We are blessed to have a player of Henry's calibre playing in the Premiership and it would a shame to see him go elsewhere.

I couldn`t agree more. If Thierry Henry left the premier, it would be a far far duller league. He`s the only player not in a Rovers shirt i`d pay to watch play football. Head & shoulders above Rooney.....in my view.

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Fantastic player, but I don't think he is head and shoulders above Rooney, especially when you consider the fact that he is 8 years older. The one thing that can be thrown at Henry has been his failure at international level, he's yet to become a big player for France.

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I agree, two different types of player. Rooney is a powerful, strong player. Henry has silky skills & great vision. Both are great footballers, but i just prefer to watch Henry when he`s on his day.

I`d also pay to watch Ronaldinho, but i was mainly talking about prem players.

I`d also believe Rovers fans have had the pleasure & privilage to watch one of the greatest English footballers in his prime & in the famous Blue & White shirt....Alan Shearer. A player who`ll be remembered in these parts as 'up there' with the best. wink.gif

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Granted they were quite fortunate to avoid a pasting, Villarreal looked as they just came north to defend 'their serve'. Last nights' 0-1 at the Library allows Villarreal a real shot at going forth against Barcelona (where unfortunately, it'll be over).

By avoiding a hammering, they have left themselves a chance to sneak a victory at the Madrigal in a fortnight. Of course, to do so Riquelme must do some homework & suss out Arsenal's speed... tall orders, I know.... but who's say?

(I for one, will be anxiously awaiting to see how he deals with it as it 'll speak volumes how he'll deal in Germany)

After all, that home turf advantage may work for them! I doubt that a penalty shout will work against in Spain. All it takes is two goals.....


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