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[Archived] Portsmouth 3 Blackburn Rovers 0

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I hope Eddie doesn't mind, but I'll put a preface on here, to explain what happens this season.

At the end of the season, we'll have a vote for the best preview of the season. That will be down to all the members to decide exactly what makes their best preview. It might be the most factful, or the funniest preview. It will be whatever you people decide.

Also, The Gull is running a prediction league table, that will be taken from the match previews. Here is how the scoring will work:

Rovers score correct = 2 points

Other teams score = 2 points

Full Result Bonus = 1 point

If The Gull wants to add any comments of his own, that's fine. Sorry for the interruption Eddie.

So it's time to start it all again. After a successful and enjoyable campaign last season we can look forward to a season of European football and fighting to keep our place in the upper echelons of the Premiership. It has been a difficult summer, disappointment for most in the in the World Cup was followed by weeks of having just about every one of our players linked with a move away from Ewood Park. Will Neill and Nelsen still be there by the time this match comes around? Will someone pay over the odds for Emo the Emu? Bellamy's transfer saga was worthy of an inclusion in the script of a soap opera. While Dickov was our only other exit, choosing not to sign a new contract and return to his old haunt.

Bellamy was often our only creative spark last season and travelling back to Portsmouth will no doubt bring back memories of his fantastic double in the 2-2 draw towards the end of last season. We took 4 points from our two encounters with Portsmouth last year, with Dickov scoring the winner in the 2-1 win at Ewood Park after Taylor and MGP had put in almost identical free kicks.

Pomspki have struggled in this close season to bring in the calibre and number of players that they would like. With their own Russian sugar daddy they haven't turned into a South Coast Chelsea. Their only additions have been James, Campbell, Thompson and Johnson in on loan, this despite being rumoured to have a budget of around 20 million they have only spent 1.2 million so far. On the other hand, the exodus has been quite something, Priske, Viafara, Vignal, Foxe, Pericard, Silk, Cisse, Guatelle and Westerveld have all left, all have either left on frees or been released.

It is quite possible that by the time this match comes around both teams will have brought in more players by the time Saturday comes around, but if not you would expect all four of Pompeys new players to feature, so we can look forward to welcoming Thompson to his new club. We should see Roberts and McCarthy make their debuts, while Neill could well be playing his new position in the centre.

Pompey are proof of the fact that money isn't everything, despite all of their financial backing they start this season to 750-1 to win the title, we on the other hand are 200-1, worth a little bet surely? Since they made it to the Premiership we have only lost to Portsmouth once, but are undefeated at Fratton Park. I'm feeling mildy optimistic about this season. Roberts and McCarthy seem to have formed a good position, but if no new faces are brought in and if the Neill saga goes sour this could turn out to be quite a difficult few months we all have ahead.

My personal prediction for the game is a 2-0 for the Rovers. This is the sort of game that we have to win if we want to challenge for Europe again and with a good set of fixtures to start the season off with it would be good to take advantage of it and pick up a decent number of points in the first 5-10 games.

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Who knows how many £10s of millions 'Arry won't have spent by next Saturday.

As things stand, he's recruited four and let ten go including D'Allessandro who was 50% of the reason for last season's late charge. The current squad is basically not very good and I'm sure Calamity and Sol are feeling mutually nervous about each other whilst counting the cash. If 'Arry does spear one of his targets (possibly a surprise catch on a fishing expedition is a more apt metaphor), they won't have much time to settle into the 'Arry way of doing things and even less to adjust to 'Arry's way of talking.

So an ideal time to play at Fratton; mid-August is lovely for sitting out in the sun in the open air.

Very much a must not lose with two losable home games coming uplater in the week. I'll back Hughes to get the back line fit again and tightened up to give Rovers a 2-0 away victory.

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I think we'll get a bit of a shock on Saturday getting beaten after taking the lead in a 2-1 defeat thanks to our shoddy defending as seen this pre-season in places. We aren't always the best starters toa season and again i think this could be one again. Pompski IMO are going to be the dark horses of this season, nobody expects too much but with players like Campbell and Mendes they could provide a few head turning moments this coming season.


Pompey 2

Rovers 1


Pompey-Mendes/Lua Lua

Rovers -Benni

i hate to start a new campaign with such a crap prediction but i just got a feeling that we aren't going to be as strong at the back as we've been last season mainly due to Admiral being injured, neill having his own mini-drama and Todd not being the same player of early last season.

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201 years this October 5th.


Will go for a Rovers win, 2-1.

As has already been said, and is quite obvious, we need a good start. The fixture computer has been relatively kind to us, with only Chelsea & Liverpool as the 'big' clubs we play in the first couple of months. Should give us a good start to the season, all being well of course.

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