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[Archived] Pompeys New Stadium


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It certainly looks different from the outside. Reminds me a bit of the Munich stadium (sort of)

But I guess inside it'll be same as any new stadium and won't have half the atmosphere of Fratton Park

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With their track record of dodgy strikers, someone's gonna be busy fetching balls out of the Solent! What is that monstrosity to the right? Is it Pompey's equivalent of Dubai's Burj al Arab hotel?

Good luck to me though, anything would better where they are now.

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What a fantastic location and design.

At last some creative architecture for a UK stadium.

Looks like it was designed by those great stadium designers,the Germans.

Anyone know what the capacity will be.

On a slightly different note,can anyone please tell me why all the seats at Wembley are red.

The red seats make it look like OT the Emirattes Anfield,the seats should have been neutral white.

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Brilliant design and interesting location. Pompey needs bigger stadium because Frratton Park is too small for them.

Only one problem, and it's what happen to atmosphere.

IMO. At the moment on the Fartton Park is best atmosphere in Premierleague. Maybe when they get new stadium atmosphere going down. :angry:

And after match you can going to swiming. :lol:

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I think that is a cool design. I love the way the light comes from it. It also reminds me of the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Er...I really don't think it's going to shimmer like that. They're just trying to make it look better than it is.

I also think those last two pics make it look ridiculous. Like some sort of pebble.

I like the fact it's right in the harbour though...surely the only stadium located somewhere like that? Barring Millenium.

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It's a good looking stadium.. it'll be such a shame that they'll only be able to get one season's worth of Premiership footy in it once it gets up and running.

All the atmosphere of Fratton park will be gone and their 12th man will desert them just like a few other teams who got new fancy stadiums have found out.

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Link to Pompey official site - pics.

When the Russian bloke gets lost (or poisoned or imprisoned) ... and Pompey go bust, the receivers will be able to tow this round to Brighton and flog it to the Seagulls - everyone's a winner.

Yep, purely on the basis of those photos (which may of course be a bit misleading) I think it looks superb and if it comes to fruition I think most clubs who have had new grounds developed relatively recently will feel quite hard done by.

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