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[Archived] Big Fat Sam

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Sounds like they have already identified their target as a non european manager. Also sounds like he is in employment and that they will go through the appropriate channels to get him.

By the sound of it it looks very much like that M Hughes IS very much a target.

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No shock at all that Allardyce has gone, he was a dead man walking as soon as the takeover went through. Spending millions on dross such as Cacapa didn't help his cause though. Why would you get rid of someone so quickly? Why do it during the transfer window too? It will cost Newcastle millions again in contract pay ups, signing a new manager, and inveitably buying new players who fit the new man.

Skybet odds on next manager of the Toon

Shearer 4/6 Understandable

H Redknapp 4/1 Why would he leave the cushy South Coast for the horrible North East?

Jol 6/1 Plausible

Houiller 8/1 Big name not in work

Mourino 12/1 Dreaming

Hughes 12/1 Usual Suspect

Van Basten 16/1 Again Dreaming

Klinnsmann 16/1 and again dreaming

Schuster 16/1 On drugs

Lippi 16/1 On more drugs here

Keegan 50/1 Nostalgic vote

Souness100/1 Bookies having a laugh

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It must be so tempting for Toon to go for Mourinho.

Chuck money at him (and the team), wind him up and watch him go.

However, unfortunately, Hughes would be the safer bet. And he needs to be able to spend big on a team to prove he's got what it takes to manage a big/top four club.

Sadly, he's very unlikely ever to be able to do this at Ewood.

If Jose was interested and brought success, he'd become the biggest messiah in footy history!

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you can get 500/1 on Ant and Dec !!

I hope shearer gets the job, sky sports news have heard that the next manager will not be foreign. I have got a feeling that Hughes will be in the running for this.

Please let it be Steve McClaren !

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Managing the Barcodes is professional suicide. Look at some of those that revently failed - Gullit, Keegan, Robson, Dalglish, Souness, Roeder, Allardyce.

Hughes may be approached but if he wants the Man Yoo job in a couple of years a failed stint at Newcastle will not look good on his CV. You have to be mad to take the job on.

Plus, of course Shearer hasn't been approached - nor anyone else at this time. Allardyce was only sacked at 5 this evening ! :blink:


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Thats what Sky reported Den.

On another note, I have mentioned it (on here before), the Ashley camp are fans of Hughes, so lets wait and see what happens.

Anyway, my guess is that it will be him or Harry but who knows......

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I dont see why Harry would want to go to a club who is in turmoil when Pompey is on the way up + with lots of money to spend.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hughes taking up the challenge and spending some of that money he doesn't have here and taking Bentley and a few others with him.

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