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[Archived] Wolves Preview

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Right then boys and girls its back to back home games at Ewood after a week off for World Cup qualifiers and as far as I can see meaningless friendlies. Let's just hope that those involved for their respective countries returns to Lancashire unscathed and we have a fully fit squad to pick from. A bonus to not having a game last weekend means that players such as Dunny, Bert and Steven Reid have another seven days to work on their fitness.

If ever a club needed a performance and a result this weekend, then we need one against the Wanderers of Wolverhampton this weekend. You may think that I'm overreacting here and yes, we may only be three games into the season, but with tricky fixtures in September, home against free spending Aston Villa and the return of Big bad Brad and Stevie W and also away at Everton, who have wisely re-invested some of the cash they got for captain Klingon, then we need to pick up three points against the Wolves. If you also think ahead to our nightmare October with games away from home against the Gooners, Renters and ManUre and a home game against…… Well I forget for the moment, but I'm sure it will come to me, then victory is a must.

It, like me, you thought that West Ham were for the taking and we should have gone with two up top, then surely we can't expect a repeat performance with just having one up front. Not too sure why Benni was missing against WHAM, but if he's fit then I'd like to see him and preferably Kalinic up front. Assuming we have a full and injury free squad to choose from then I'd go with the following

GK Robbo

RB Jacobsen

CB Samba

CB William Shakespeare



Gael- get out you're bard!!

LB Chimbonda

LM Pedersen

CM Dunn

CM N'Zonzi

RM Bert

CF Benni

CF Kalinic

Not too sure who'll make it onto the bench, but with seven places up for grabs Sam can pretty much keep his options open. If it was up to me and my time machine was fully functional, then I'd go for

Chris Sulley

Simon Barker

Mark Grew (gk)

John Millar

Ian Miller

Alan Irvine

Shearer (Duncan)

Wow- that doesn’t leave any room on the bench for Keith Andrews- who on closer inspection looks very much like one of the snap crackle and pop characters off a rice Krispie box. Also, he's one of the few people who I can name off the top of my head who has played for both clubs, along with (according to my old man) Derek Doogan, Super Atko and Mr Ince who played for Wolves and cleaned the toilets at our place from June until December last year.

Despite being a fellow founder member of the football league way back when, our paths haven't crossed too much over the past few seasons and they've started off this season with four points from as many games. They walked the championship last season, but don't appear to have splashed the cash over the summer half as much as Birmingham. With my limited knowledge in toe, I jumped on a Wolves message board, wanting to find out a little more about the team, thoughts on the game and if they were happy with their four point haul from their four games against West Ham, Wigan, Birmingham and Hull. Unfortunately, the internet must have only just landed in the Black Country as it took a week to get some answers back off them, and they were half hearted responses at best. They must still be smarting from that 5-1 hammering we dished out to them at the beginning of the 2003-04 season.

1) Do you think you're better equipped for the Premiership this time around?

Hopefully yes, we weren't at all prepared for our last shot at it and I think we've got a better squad this time around to make a decent fist of it.

2) Four points from four games- pleased with your start? Or expecting more against some of the 'smaller' premiership teams?

Reasonable, but should have beaten Hull, all over them like a rash and they may come back to haunt us.

3) Hopes for the season?

Better than 18th will do for starters.

4) Is Mick McCarthy the man for the job?

Yes with appropriate funding.

5) Will the board back him in January if things aren't going to plan or will they look elsewhere?

Yes unless we have a ridiculous number of points.

6) What's going to happen to Michael Mancienne now that Chelski have been banned from making any signings- will they want him back.

Chelsea will want Mancienne back. We have him to January, and I don't know what the terms of the contract are after that, but if FIFA really want to punish Chelsea, then they will ensure the loan status does not favour them. Expect at least part of the sentence to be reduced though.

7) Player to watch?

All of them....Seriously...In terms of skill and the fact that he will at some stage score a corker Milijas, for work rate Keogh, and most likely to help you out, Craddock.

8) Blackburn player you're most worried about?

Anyone who gets a shot on goal.

9) With WBA out of the equation this season, which team would you most like to beat?

Villa and Blues of course

10) Favourite curry?

Any, a toss up between Chicken Pathia, Jalfrezi or Dupiaza

11) Famous Wolves fans

Robert Plant and Suzi Perry- not a patch on Jim Bowen and that chap out of Brookside then!

12) Prediction for the match?


As I said, not the most enlightening of responses, so perhaps they're all worried that they'll get battered- although they've sold out their allocation of 3,000 tickets so I expect a decent atmosphere. We haven't played each other much over the past ten years or so, but when we have this is what has happened. I also remember a game at Ewood in our promotion season of 92' when we were going through that dodgy patch of losing six games on the spin following Mike Newell's broken leg. I think we were drawing one each which would have got us back on track when Matt Dickens somehow let a last minute shot from Paul Birch somehow slip between his fingers and end up in the back of the net. Safe to say, we went onto lose the match and Mr Dickens never played for us again.


Blackburn 1 Wolves 1

Ostenstaad Naylor


Wolves 2 Blackburn 1

Muscat Duff



Blackburn 1 Wolves 0

Dunn pen


Wolves 0 Blackburn 0


Blackburn 5 Wolves 1

Amoruso Iversen



Cole (2)


Wolves 2 Blackburn 2

Butler Cole

Rae Yorke

Out of the team that beat them 5-1 on the opening day some six years ago, only Brett Emerton is still at the club, with all our other goalscorers that day now long retired. Also the 125th anniversary game at Ewood in November 2000 saw the debut of Mr Friedel.

Right, so that's it- lets get behind the lads on Saturday and cheer them to a much needed three points. Hopefully Suzi Perry will take me up on my offer of a curry and an evening of Ashes cricket on the Wii.

Robert Plant can you hear me- your boys took one hell of a beating -hopefully.

As a certain Alan Partridge might say- "Jurrasic Park"

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Thanks for the preview Salty…….

Its key we go with 2 up top for this game, with Dunn also attacking from behind them & Hopefully we see Diouf back on the right.

Id go 4-4-2, but im not sure if we will as I think Sam likes the protection Grella offers the back 4.

Hope McCarthy is fit for us – IF he is, id go for a shock and play him & Hoilett upfront together.

Hopefully should see the return to the bench at least for Emerton, Reid & Di Santo. Infact the bench could look pretty strong if it also includes Salgado & Roberts.

3-0 Rovers

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Thank goodness we can get back to match discussions. Great preview Salty, well done -

but you and your dad missed out on one other great link between rovers and Wolves -

This fella!

If we aren't going to take many points from the top four + Man City now, these games are vital. A home win is a must. Scoring goals is a must. Anything less will be desperate, a win will be bliss.

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Thanks Salty.

Hopefully we take the game to them from the off, a early goal should be sought. Two up as Hughesy says is a must but if I'm being honest I'd be keen to see Roberts and Hoillet. Kalinic to come on for Roberts late on.






Salgado like to bomb on and Emo is capable cover for him when he does. Chimbonda should play though if Michel's not ready. Left footer at left back please far more attacking options with the ball then and this is a game we need to attack. N'zonzi has done well but he's played a lot recently and needs to be carefully managed. If Nelsens not ready then Chimbonda at left back and Michel/Jacob at right back.

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This is an absolute must win, we need to attack from the off.

I'd go 4-4-2, with McCarthy playing a Bergkamp type role linking the midfield and attack:

................. Robinson

Jacobsen Samba Givet Chimbonda

Diouf ... Grella .. Dunn .. Pedersen

................ McCarthy

.................. Kalinic

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Much as I would like to see it, I don't believe that Emerton or Salgado will start without having played a minute in the seniors to date.

I think/hope we go for:






Subs: Brown, Salgado, Nelsen, N'Zonzi, Emerton, Hoilett, Roberts

Would like to see Emerton and Hoilett get a run in the second half.

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I reckon the line-up will be as follows:


Jacobsen - Samba - Givet - Chimbonda

Diouf - Andrews - N'Zonzi - Pedersen

Kalinic - Roberts









We're all be bemoaning the starting line-up, as Sam keeps Dunn & Grella in reserve in case we really need to step-up a gear (and let's face it, we probably will). He'll also prefer the ever-toiling Roberts to McCarthy's silky skills.

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I'd go 4-4-2, with McCarthy playing a Bergkamp type role linking the midfield and attack:

Point taken but please try and avoid mentioning those two in the same sentence again.

I think this might be 1-1, or 2-1 Rovers. Still not confident with our attacking options, and won't be until someone starts looking at least a little bit dangerous.

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Right then nothing less than 3 points will do from this, tbh I can see everything clicking together for this one and finding ourselves converting some of the few chance we will create.

Salgado to score of 1st team debut with a Tugayesque screamer and a brace from Kalinic.

Let the good time roll. B)

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Our results to date have been dissapointing simply because we could and should have got more. On this basis I am assuming that we will get the rub of the green and lady luck will be on our side etc. this time. 2 - nil to rovers. If we don't win I will be getting suicidal and depressive

I will feel a lot happier if Diouf and Benni are starting.

Hope we play 4 - 4 - 2.

I have seen teams play with 5 across the middle and 1 up front and I think it rarely works. The lone striker invariably ends up isolated, cant hang on to the ball which comes back into your own half with sickening rapidity. 1 up front only seems to work (IMHO) if

a) Your strikers are rubbish and you have no real faith in them ( so you might as well pack the midfield )

B) You are playing for a draw or to minimise the size of the defeat

c) You think your only chance is to catch them on the break with a sucker punch

d) Your lone striker and two forward midfield players are absolutely fanastic and are probably so good that you could play any riduclous formation and you would still get away with it.

My ideal scenario would to be in complete control of the game with 20 minutes to go so that we can give a run out to a number on the subs bench

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I went to Moulinex just the once, a New Years Day 0-0, before it was done up. One stand, nice it was, about 49 yards away from the pitch though. We were stood in a corner terrace, crumbling and flaky, like. Terrible match, rather cool ground though. Russell Beardsmore turned out for us, where are they now eh?

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Great preview!

Can't wait for this one, and it has been a long week waiting for it to come along! Really important that we win this game after failing to record three points in our first three fixtures and with difficult fixtures to follow, but hopefully a victory on Saturday will really give us something to build on going into those fixtures.

If he is fit, I really want Emerton to start this game as I think we have missed him really badly, and believe Dunn should start ahead of Andrews and partner N'Zonzi in the centre. I would bring Kalinic and/or Hoilett on later in the game if things are not going our way.


Jacobsen - Samba - Givet - Chimbonda

Emerton - Dunn - N'Zonzi - Pedersen

McCarthy - Roberts

The first goal is so important in this game, if Wolves score first they will put everyone behind the ball and as we saw against West Ham, we will struggle to break them down. Although, I believe Rovers will control the majority of the game and a Rovers goal will inspire the players and the crowd into a much needed victory. Prediction: Rovers 2-0 Wolves

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Excellent preview Saltysellars!

I can't believe how many people want to see Emerton on the Right wing..


Where else is he going to play? We have 17 right backs at the club so i doubt he will be playing that position... :rolleyes:

I'd like to see him given a go in central midfield personally but who knows if Sam will give him a go there.

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Good preview salty. oh for a little bit of magic from MGP in the mould of Waggy from days gone by.












Would love see Emerton start in place of Diouf but more likely to be 20 min from the bench.

Also Sam may rest a few who have been away on international duty.

Toss up between Salgado and Jackobsen at RB if Salgado is up to speed he just may get the nod.

2-0 and 3 much needed points.

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Thank goodness we can get back to match discussions. Great preview Salty, well done -

but you and your dad missed out on one other great link between rovers and Wolves -

This fella!

Indeed Den, legendary in the eyes of one (non attending) board member! Almost off topic, got a glossy to say the book that was advertised on the official website is now at the club shop and from the same publisher is Waggy's Tales (no idea if Rovers feature much though).

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