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[Archived] BRFCS Podcast #5

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Kamy for a future podcast could you suggest to the owners maybe bringing Tugay back in some capacity as a no.2 or coaching role. Please let us know their views as I feel after today the whole structure @ Rovers is not right,& as Tugay is such a well respected character would at least show they listen to the opinions of the fans.

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Podcast #5 is in the bag and J*B is kindly doing the editing this week.

Our guest, a certain Mr Alan Nixon was excellent, even better than we'd hoped for. At one point he'd got us all so enthralled we had to remind Kamy that he could talk too :D

... and for those that don't enjoy Nicko's offerings, at least you'll get to hear him admit he was wrong!

So, something for everyone.

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great work on the podcast by guys. thanks for doing.

Nicko was a great guest. hope in does another with Kamy and Wen Y Hu just after the transfer window closes.

thought Nicko explain alot more in detail and was great to listen to him. Nicko spoken alot of sense about behind the scenes at rovers, the owners and Kean.

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It was mentioned that the loudspeakers were too loud in the ground yesterday. We asked John Newsham about it and he said that apparently Radio Rovers had been asked to turn them down at previous matches and had declined to do so. The sound system has been pretty rough for some time now though and maybe something needs to be done about it. Fairly urgently, I'd say, it was pretty unbearable yesterday.

Good podcast, thanks to all concerned.

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Excellent stuff.

Nicko really was the smiling assassin of Venky's there.

- confirmed the money problems (but of course all this MB knew since December that the mortgage expired at end June)

- total inexperience behind the scenes (seriously damaging Rovers)

- line of command completely changed with a team who know nothing about Blackburn Rovers and the transfer market

- more backroom and business people going than coming with no replacements by equivalents

- timing of changes all wrong

- decision making still completely confused to the extent that nobody answered the phone when Paul Jewell tried to take Andrews on loan

- use of agents bordering on the farcical; Venky's not used the right ones

- Venky's taken by surprise by what SEM/Kentaro and firing Sam cost

- using family and friends is not the thing to do (we are a PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM turning over c£60m, not a chicken coop)

- we need expertise (ie we have no expertise)

- the damage from this window will be great

- the comments about how we are going about transfers especially Mongongu was extremely damning.

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It's time nicko flew to Pune to give these people some advice :D

Most of his comments are so obvious, how can Venky's and their advisors not see them?

I think a few people on here from the onset have posted that Venkys have no idea what they are doing, so they cant see things they should be seeing, they are not receptive to proper advice as they view that as dissent, we really are in a dreadful mess at the moment, the whole football world can see it, most on here can see it and looking at Kean on Saturday, I think even Mr Positive himself can now see it.

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Stupid question but I'm failing miserably with this. Is it possible to download the podcast to an iPhone? I do this regularly with radio programmed but can't with BRFCS.

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