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[Archived] Next years season tickets?



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  1. 1. At the moment, do you think you will buy a season ticket next year?

    • YES
    • YES, but only if we avoid relegation (yes it exists)
    • NO
    • I don't get a season ticket anyway

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Too many ifs to give a straight answer for me, for instance if we down and Kean remains then it's a deff NO from me. If we go down and Venky's remain but replace coco then yes i will bite the bullet :!: It's not about the standard of footy or the results for me now, its a question of principle. I cant stand much more of that bloke.

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I will be so.

I'm will support my club through the good, bad and ugly times!!!

sadly this is a bad and ugly time but I won't be giving up on my club whether we are in PL or Championship.

I've been going for so long couldn't ever see my not being a season ticket holder.

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Highly unlikely.

Not just increasing age and infirmity [though they are factors]; but the bizarre attitudes of the owners and the complete lack of trust in any statement emanating from the Ewood Park management/publicity machine seem to be making us a laughing-stock.

50+ years' loyalty to This Great Club Of Ours is severely tested by such attitudes.

Mind you; if I win the lottery jackpot tomorrow, start driving again, and get a space [and there'll be loads going next season] in the car parks behind the Ronnie Clayton Blackburn End, ... ["Quick, nurse; his medication's wearing off!"]

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Yes. Not happy one little bit with any of it. Will be done at the very last moment (renewal) and I've no idea why I've shown my hand. Oh, unless ticket prices rise drastically of course, we do have the "managers" taxi fares to pay for after all.

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No. Not if Kean is still here. If we were in the Championship with a decent manager and a change of owners then yes, possibly. doesn't mean I won't go to matches, just that I won't put money in upfront for matches i can't attend but will pick and choose when and if to attend

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I will continue to go to Rovers, I've gone since I was 5.(1975)

Will not buy a season ticket should we and I firmly believe we will have a Kean/ Venky combo next season whichever league we are in.

Season ticket figures are vanity for football clubs, next year I'm sure our friends in Burnley will have bragging rites on such a figure.

Like I said, will still go, just no Season ticket.

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