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David Badtodger


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Scottish Premier teams?

He banged a few in for Dundee United and achieved Scottish young player of the season and that's no mean feat. :lol:.

Seriously though I think he could have found his level in the Championship but I suppose old stevie boy knows best... <_<

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Scottish Div 3 is his level, Cowdenbeath won't know what's hit them.

If you are going to try and make silly remarks in a mocking manner then at least get your facts right. Cowdenbeath are in the 1st Div!!

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OK, just spoke to David on a night out in Manchester and he said he'll be playing for us next year. I asked him about Kean, and he said he didn't know what was going on (wasn't full of confidence put it that way) but who can blame him? I do think he'll come good in the championship.

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Maybe he was out but went home early? Maybe. I'm sure plenty other players have been out before a game and it's only a friendly! Calm down guys!

It's pre season a time to get fit and he has been looking anything but fit by most reports

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