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[Archived] Christmas Quiz Question


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What's unique about the Name "Hull City" as opposed to all the other 92 League clubs?

Answer down below!

Its the only name where you are unable to colour in any of the letters!

(Acknowledgments to The Guardian)

Deary me. Bloody Guardian readers ! :) :)

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It's an old "Favourite" [?], is that one. I used it in the Preview of one of our games against them last season.

Including teams in Skrill Conference North, Dan? ^_^

Just done some internet research since posting. I assumed the chap who told me was proving correct info. Doesn't look like he was. He said Stockport, but I think he was quoting from when they were a football league team. Looking at it, it's possibly Cammel Laird FC.

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How far did John Coddington have to run to miss two penalties against Crystal Palace in March 1968 ? I'll accept an answer that is plus or minus ten yards !

Didn't see it but is it the 25 yard run up which he scuffed badly?

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