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[Archived] We're Back

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Not my intention at all, just explaining why I wasn't getting my hopes up. Especially as a short sharp burst of technical ability isn't what we need, we have that in spades (well, at least 4 of us), what we need is people with the skills AND the enthusiasm not to vanish after they realize being involved with the site isn't much fun (we have that happen a lot) AND most importantly the time to dedicate to keep on top of it (which is where we really lack these days). I'm not saying your nephew doesn't fit the bill, only that I'd much rather hear it from him (based on my own experience of people volunteering my time for their causes, not mine)

.... and this is rapidly turning into one of those threads that puts people off BRFCC (and yes, I acknowledge that's my fault) so we're probably better taking this to emails or PMs.

Ah! See, that's the problem. To use a car analogy (everything in IT has a car analogy), we don't need to go drop it off at the garage and fix that annoying rattle, it needs somebody to work in the pits, keep an eye on the telemetry and constantly both tune it and perform preventative maintenance. The problem recently is it's had too much of the first and not enough of the second.

In truth there must be loads more of those people about than there was when brfcs was started.

If modding is an issue just leave it to me n abbey.

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Given what Ste, myself and Ian all do for a living, it was all rather embarrassing, but as we all have day jobs, BRFCS doesn't always get the attention it should and we cut corners.

We made a mistake the any rookie sysadmin knows is unforgivable, we had a nice automated off site backups and an audit they were happening. But we'd never tested them. Only when we came to restore them did we find an essential database hadn't been included in the backup. An utter rookie mistake on our part.

So, this time, we've actually spent some money and implemented some ideas Ian made a few months ago, which include a second server,

That is what I call perfect contrition. "We made a mistake (which) is unforgivable..............An utter rookie mistake on our part."

What a pity the Rao family in Pune cannot use such language and display to us such contrition.

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Just logged in on the laptop for the first time and it appears I got cocky....

I've lost 2.5k posts and visited 2 less grounds apparently!

Wow, 2.5K posts in 10 months? They must have been quality ;)

That reminds me on the grounds though, I need to update them as they are still last seasons.

Update: Think that's fixed now. Someone let me know if I've cocked something up.

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I have mentioned this to Glenn on Twitter but I am now really having problems with login.

On Chrome, I can click sign in, but it does absolutely nothing (other than close the sign in page), just gives me the sign in link again. So I can't post, go to my last read post etc.

The weird thing is, it will show me in the online list as being online! Also working fine on IE (posting from that now). I don't know if it is because I used Chrome when you did the original login fix and some cookies have got confused somewhere or what not. Have done the usual clear cache/cookies etc too.

Edit: Since I logged in then out of IE the chrome way is working again, very weird.

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