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[Archived] Lambert Leaving!

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That's me done folks. Can't support this football club for another day. No tickets, no away games, no support.

Not going to turn it into a thread about biscuits then? :rolleyes:

Hardly a surprise really is it though I didn't expect a departure until after the remaining games. Still sets us up for one hell of a final fixture v Reading.

That is if anyone bothers to show up?

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We mustn't protest guys because we might 'embarrass them' and that's bad.

Get a grip to all those that still don't want to perform some kind of action against these thieves. Time to act and I will help any which way I can.

EDIT: I wish all those people posting 'I'm out' would make contributions to ideas for a protest as opposed to just walking. All you are doing is harming our club more by just walking away.

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I'm glad its happened before the final home game and that's probably Lambert's doing. Gives us a chance to truly boycott or make some kind of meaningful protest. Or will people just sit there feeling sorry for themselves? I've done that and it achieves NOTHING.

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