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  3. . 😁 Yeah got you,πŸ‘ it was the first bit I was referring to.
  4. Its a very short term view to discount Dack simply because he isnt back to his best yet. And I would also disagree that Travis at current fitness is any more effective, he has been really poor since he came back, poor on the ball, heavy touches and not effective as a shield. Both will require a couple more games, but both are key so we have little choice but to be patient such is their importance. You choose Holtby over Dack, he has been ineffective basically all season. I might be wrong but when he scored those goals at Coventry, they had Maddison and Joe Cole so they probably did use a
  5. I admire Travis' commitment and enthusiasm in the tackle but I think he is very much overrated. I think he is always suspect in a defensive situation and offers little in the way of creativity. Travis' energy is great but I think Davenport looks a more rounded and more influencial player at the moment.
  6. Hardly a convincing reason to think he's going after this game though is it, Holtby lives in Germany........
  7. I think there's a lot of evidence that Adam Armstrong scores goals in a 4-3-3... just look at his career goal stats in a 4-3-3 vs his career goal stats in any other formation, across every club he's played for.
  8. Travis' "off the pace"ness and Dack's are worlds apart. Trav at 70% is still our best defensive midfielder - Dack looked poor against a League One outfit in the cup - he's not ready to play full games at all.
  9. Far from. I know exactly what Bradley Dack brings, but our best players are the players who are scoring and playing well NOW, not the ones who are still far from match sharpness and fitness who don't have a suitable role in the system.
  10. Expecting this to be Mowbray's last game. Short walk home for him.
  11. If they were witholding money because they didnt trust Mowbray he wouldnt still be here. The pitch is also in ruins due to continued budget cuts, I presume that is also on hold until Mowbray goes?
  12. You've done this before with a worthless company....it literally is a worthless company...can't find any record of the business apart from a couple of inactive incorporates. Show me the actual monetary worth of these people loss to back up your claims....? Looks like a right tin pot set up... 47er you need to strengthen your argument
  13. I would be absolutely amazed on both counts. I certainly wouldnt be fully expecting it. What is in the air is negligence from the owners, stagnation on the pitch and incompetence from the CEO.
  14. I think we are waiting for Mowbray to go before anymore money is handed out.
  15. I fully expect Mowbray gone next week and Hughes back as manager. You can sense something is in the air and has been for a couple of weeks.
  16. Tony should ring his old mate Daz Moore...there's a slot in centre midfield over there....πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I'd wager Moore would be like....feck off!
  17. I don’t think such a thing can ever happen with Rovers tbf
  18. Everything after the first sentence there seems a near-perfect explanation of 'how there's so much debate about the guy'. Did you do that on purpose? Personally I feel that, on current first team evidence, Buckley's technical ability is enormous...ly overstated. He's decent technically and plays some lovely passes at times, but not to a degree or frequency that remotely makes me think 'my, this kid is special'. And that's completely independent of his shortcomings, which for now are too many. As with all our players, I hope he comes along brilliantly. But he will have to play a lot b
  19. Yes me, I paid no extra cost from Germany on a personal level. Our business also paid no extra cost either, although only part of the shipment came from EU, some did come from India and South America. The Guardian are making hay while the sun shines, having been wrong 90% of the time in the lead up to brexit, whipping up the readership with tall tails using words like "Could" "Supposed" "Maybe" "Might" and "Bunkum" o2g advised me to switch to The Independent, its a bit better, they're not continuing the fight against brexit which is a major plus point.
  20. 100%. Starts with Madame and ends with Blingy! Given I believe he’s talking to them more and more via the media it may show that he feels just the teeniest bit of heat.
  21. But according to Lizz Truss Cheese was a big deal in the Japanese agreement
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