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Manchester United 1 - 2 Rovers


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We’ve got a hopeless record at Old Trafford in recent years. We’ve played there eleven times since we got back into the top flight in 1992 and have taken only three draws from eleven games. Total goals for 9, goals against 22.

92/93 3-1

93/94 1-1

94/95 1-0

95/96 1-0

96/97 2-2

97/98 4-0

98/99 3-2

01/02 2-1

02/03 3-1

03/04 2-1

04/05 0-0 (hurrah)

05/06 1-2 (Yaaaaaaaaah, you beauties!)

Forgive me for not trawling back through the records to see when was the last time we won there. Maybe one of our historians can look back through the decades. We seem to be able to pop up with one or two surprises away at the better clubs every now and then but that three pointer at OT still eludes us.

All you need to know about getting to Old Trafford Football Ground is here

away guide

it seems to be still up to date.

Back to the usual tried & trusted formula: I have asked a couple of work colleagues for general comments and chit-chattery. Take it away Peter & Neil

The Glazer takeover, comments: Not deliriously happy about it but willing to give it a couple of years before actively joining the “Glazer Out” campaign or switching allegiance to FC United

Not happy but haven’t thrown my dummy out quite yet. Time will tell

Rovers have signed some donkeys, none more so than the £6m man Cicco Grabbi. Now I know that this will be more embarrassing than saying the word “penis” to a maiden aunt at a christening, but who is Fergies worst signing ever? We will laugh. Sorry. Then give us another couple. Have to admit that there have been a few in recent times: Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, Taibi, Liam Miller, Andy Goram (cheap but truly awful), Howard, Carroll and Forlan (great in Spain though) to name but a few. The pick of the bunch though has to be Juan Veron, who most people thought would be a great signing, at only £28.1m. I knew that Fergie was going to make a few crap signings when he opted to buy Ralph Milne when John Barnes was on offer in 1987.

Agree with most of Neil’s comments, although I disagree about Carroll. Wasn’t in the same league as Schmeichel or Van der Saar but he was only bought as support unlike Howard. Jim Leighton was also poor.

Chelsea from a United perspective? The rest of us don’t exactly love them either. OK so Man Utd have bought a few titles in the past but at least it was done mostly with fans money. Blackburn have bought one too, thanks to a rich benefactor, although he was a passionate Rovers supporter. Abramovic is very different and Chelsea just got lucky. At least they paid us £14m for Veron.

Unless there is mutiny in the ranks I can’t see anyone seriously competing with them for the title. Too much money for too many players. At least Blackburn and Arsenal could give us a run for our money.

Is the Ferguson era coming to an end? Signings like Heinze, Ronaldo and hopefully Van Der Sar suggest that he has still got it. Unfortunately I doubt whether the Glazers will be offering the same sort of transfer kitty that Mourinho enjoys.

Although I’m not particularly happy with our style of play at the moment (similar to Arsenal under George Graham), not sure who could or will replace him. Poisoned chalice.

Is it true that J K Rowlings based Snape on Roy Keane? Ha ha. Hadn’t really thought about it but now you mention it…...

Enough said

Rovers: dirty @#/?s or what? Dickov, Savage & Neill truly fit into that category. The rest aren’t angels but at least don’t resort to thuggery until they’ve tried playing football first.

No problem having hard men and mixing it a bit providing the team can play as well.

Any particular thoughts on any Rovers’ players? Bellamy could prove a good signing and Pederson is an excellent player, and not just because of that goal a couple of weeks ago. I hate the way Friedel always excels against us, at least at Ewood anyway. Finally Ryan Nelsen is a decent defender.

I admire Friedel, Pederson and Bellamy too,

How do you see the game against Rovers going? You will lose!!!!!!!!! Probably 2-1

We’ll win 1-0. Harder to predict who won’t be sent off.

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We have a hopeless recent record there because we've been cheated on numerous occasions. Refs give you sweet FA yet take great pleasure in awarding them free kicks in and around the area.

Was it Sherwood that had a great winning header disallowed because it wasn't in the script?

£32 to watch a game your not allowed to win, they can shove it.

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One day we will win at OT. We have broken voodoos at every other ground- St James' Park and Elland Road in recent seasons.

1-0 to Rovers and an outrageous piece of daylight robbery at OT. It's got to happen one day so why not Saturday? We're owed it there big time given the luck they've had against us over the years.

I wonder if Hughes saw that Ferdinand Rio saying that Dickov is the player he hates playing against more than anyone else? I wonder if that was a Sky ploy to get folks to watch next week's game?

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my birthdays on saturday, a well good trip to old trafford to watch manky utd in the theartre of nightmares should be a barrell of laughs after sundays result.

i was there last season for the 0-0 and it was an immense day!!

god help us we need a performance like we did up there last season!!

sparky please play 4.4.2 next week, jansen/bellamy up front and at least that gives us a chance.

i think the way our season has gone so far we will win 4-0!! blink.gif or am i having a laugh!!

its a funny old game football rover.gif

my team


neil todd nelson gresko

reid tugay savage m.g.p

bellamy jansen







best of luck lads wink.gif

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If there's ever a team that I'll take a bore draw against, it's gotta be Man U, although Chelsea would be another.

With Heinze and Keane out, and if Ferdinand is playing (don't rate him at all) and if they play REALLY bad, we get a decent ref, play a 9-0-1 smile.gif(or 5-4-1) then we may just do that.

Stranger things have happened?!

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It was fairly uncharacteristic of us to leak such sloppy goals as on Saturday. Whilst I can't see us ever scoring again I'd be quite confident about us setting out our stall to keep a clean sheet.

I honestly think the Buccaneers are pretty poor in comparison with their sides over years gone by. I would say 0-0 would be quite a likely scoreline.

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I drove past the Theatre Of Merchandising today.

There was a dead rat by the side of the road.

I'm still trying to work out if this is some kind of portent.

Or just a dead rat.

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