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[Archived] Rovers 2 - 0 Villa

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After being barracked by Villa fans for 89 minutes as a Birmingham reject, Lilly Savage finally breaks his Rovers' duck with a free kick to win the game.

Rushing to share his joy with the Villa supporter, he trips and falls over the hoardings into the Darwen End and is never seen again

Leery O'David's post-match interview on MOTD causes a sudden influx of rib-related injuries at Blackburn Infirmary.

Good post Shillito.

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sav 3 bells 3!!!!

chim chimminee chim charoo we hate ALL ********** in carrot and poo


That's it Shaun, 3 each will mean 7 - 0 blink.gif

I agree with the 'backlash' suggestion although maybe not as harsh, I'm going for 2 - 0, Bellamy and Bentley.

I spent Sunday night in the pub with two die hard Yids who both admitted that Rovers were by far the better side (second half). We're doing well.... enjoy it !

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I wont be around to watch this game on tv, as im on army recall this Saturday! mad.gif

I hope this week during training, Hughes can bring the Rovers players' morale up to the top again, its not easy accepting defeat when we played well and lost against Spurs. This is a home game and is certainly 3 points for the taking. Any Rovers win score will do for me.

Up the Rovers! tinykit.gif

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Games against Villa always bring back some very special memories for me, like Shillito pointed out; The "Archibald" game in 88, the two cup matches in 1990, the away games in 97 and 99, and the cup game in 2003.

Cant see us losing this one. 3-1 Rovers.

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Pedersen is back in training, and could be available for selection this weekend..he has trained to times a day the last couple of days, and will rejoin training with the first team today or tomorrow.

source, in norwegian..

Does anyone know if Tugay will be fit against Villa? Did he had a flu or something more serious?


I think he got a calf injury

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I'd be very disappointed if we didn't take three points from this game. Villa may have a good away record, but I don't think they will compete at fortress ewood.

Looking forward to see if the Bellamy-Pongo relationship will take off after seeing signs of promise against spuds. Don't think pongo will be staying beyond the season though with liverpools problems upfront, which i think is a shame as the kid has raw talent that i think will come through as games go on.

back to the game, i'm so confident that we will win that ive bet one of my last tenners on rovers to win against my villa supporting mate!

Will only get to watch the first half though which is annoying as I will be working rolleyes.gif

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Charlie Nicholas continues to say nice things about us.

Inevitable nervousness ahead of a should win, really ought to win, mass depression if we don't win game.

When I've seen Villa this term they have played blindingly well in patches- they were giving Chelsea a footballing lesson at Stamford Bridge before conceding a pretty routine equaliser. One good thing about them, they are pretty vulnerable at the back to sucker punches (a bit like us this season in that respect). So Pongo had better not fluff any 2 to 3 yard gifts this week.

Villa could do to us what we did to Spurs last Sunday- there is enough talent in that squad to play some really sweet stuff and they might just get their act together to knock it about in which case we are in for an entertaining treat.

More likely they will drag us down to their more normal pedestrian level and we'll have to work really hard to grind out the 2-1 win the deeply grudging ever-popular Preston hairdresser has us down for. Is it worth losing to prove Lawro wrong?- no.

However, I have a nagging suspicion Villa will score first.

Nice preview Shillito.

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It looks like Tugay might not be fit. If not I think the side could well be:


                Pongo        Bellers

Pedersen  Savage                  Reid


      Gray  Todd        Nelsen    Niell


Subs: Enckleman, Zurab, Mokoena/Kuqi, Peter, Dickov

There is quite a lot of flexibility in there. As at Tottenham Reid and Bentley can switch around depending upon whether we desire combat or skill in the middle of the park. Bellers will run the channels, we will see if Pongo can make his flicks start to come off.

I am looking forward to this!

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There is quite a lot of flexibility in there. As at Tottenham Reid and Bentley can switch around depending upon whether we desire combat or skill in the middle of the park.

i'm going over old ground! sav and reid cant play together. who's going to pass the ball (forward) ?

lets not forget, we only started playing well at spurs when bentley was moved into the middle.

be great if someone find the stats (of when reid and sav play in the middle). doubt we've won (m)any !

*i would, but i'm off for a beer or 12*

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