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[Archived] Rovers 0 Arsenal 2


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Well, we take on Arsenal once again with that terrible result still in the memory. However since then Rovers have been on fire, winning 4 in 4 games. I had planned a different kind of match preview this time round but that idea went up in smoke when firstly I found out that my mum had thrown the subbuteo away about 4 years ago (the cheek!), and secondly my camera got stolen. So you’ll have to make do with a bog standard preview – sorry!

So instead we’re going to go for a trip down memory lane and look at some of the past games between Rovers and Arsenal.

2002/03 Season

Rovers inflicted Arsenal’s third successive defeat upon them when they visited in October 2002. Things broke for Rovers early on when Edu kindly lobbed the ball over Seaman to score an own goal. Just before half time Edu equalised, but on 51 minutes Tugay sent Ostenstad through. He squared the ball to Yorke who clipped it over David Seaman. The goals, however, were not the biggest talking point of the game. For the rest of the game Arsenal were practically camped in our half but Friedel, in possibly his best game for Rovers, stopped everything Arsenal could throw at him. Arsene Wenger commented "You felt as if there was an angel behind the goalkeeper,"

In the reverse fixture, Rovers further dented Arsenal’s title hopes by defeating them 2-0 courtesy of a right foot volley from Duff and a classy finish from Tugay.

1992/93 Season

Rovers also did the double over Arsenal in this season. The first game at Blackburn on the 18th August saw Rovers win 1-0 with Shearer scoring his first goal at Ewood. At Highbury just a few weeks later in an ill tempered game, Rovers again won with a 1-0 scoreline. The key to victory was the performance of the Rovers’ back four – David may, Colin Hendry, Kevin Moran and Tony Dobson. Both teams had chances, Rovers were thwarted by David Seaman whilst Bobby Mimms also made some fine saves. With 20 minutes left David May crossed accurately to Newell, who wrong footed Seaman and put Rovers ahead.

1965/66 Season

Rovers beat Arsenal twice in a week at Ewood, to add to an early season draw at Highbury, yet still finished the season 13 points adrift at the foot of the first division. Rovers had struggled all season but got their reward in this game when two free kicks lef to two goals. Alan Skirton diverted the first into his own goal before Andy McEvoy blasted home a short pass from Walter Joyce for the winner.


A 5-5 draw at home in November was the last occasion when 10 goals were scored in a senior match at Ewood. Despite the ten goals, reports at the time suggest that there should’ve been lots more as both defences seemingly took the day off. Rovers went into a three goal lead through Douglas (2) and Fred Pickering, only for arsenal to draw level within 15 minutes either side of half time. Ian Lawther and Pickering twice put Rovers ahead, but Arsenal equalised with the last kick of the match.


During this season, Arsenal and Rovers were so evenly matched they could not be separated over 38 games.

14Rovers             38     12     12     14     51     63     36
=    Woolwich Arsenal    38    12    12    14    51    63    36

Rovers technically finished ahead on alphabetical order as they were still known as Woolwich Arsenal. It is the only instance of this happening in the history of the football league.

Other bits and bats…

The Emirates Stadium is Arsenal’s 6th home. They played at Highbury from 1913 to 2006.

Arsenal were founded in the last century by Woolwich munitions workers at the Royal Arsenal – hence their nickname The Gunners

They are one of two teams to have inflicted Rovers’ record League defeat 8-0 in Febrruary 1933 (Lincoln were the other)

In the 1930-31 season they scored 127 goals

In 1919 Arsenal’s promotion stirred some controversy. Barnsley finished 3rd and should’ve been promoted to Division One. But the decision went to a vote and was eventually given to Arsenal who only finished 5th.

So that’s my little trip down memory lane, sorry its nothing more substantial. I’ve sent off a Q&A to several sites so hopefully I’ll get a reply soon. As for the weekends game, my prediction is 2-2

Edit: Got a Q&A thanks to SloppyGooner from http://arsenal-land.co.uk

Might as well get it out of the way early - what are your thoughts on the 6-2 victory? Lucky scoreline or were you just too good?

We started off poorly but as the goals started going in our confidence grew and once that happens we start to play some spectacular football like we did on that day. It could have even been more.

What about your form since then? What's been good, whats been bad?

Apart from the lapse against Sheff Utd our form seems to be improving. Players are coming back from injury and we seem much more like a team rather than individuals. Wenger has realised that our best tactic is 4-4-2 and has started using it well. However our consistancy has been terrible, we've been conceding early and seem to make every game hard for ourselves. Of course injuries dont help.

Good win in the fa cup though, what pleased you about the win?

I was pleased with the tactics that Wenger used, and the way in which the team deployed them. We played a deep formation allowing Senderos to use his strengths in defence. It also allowed us to play our counter-attacking football that we were so good at 3 or 4 years ago. The defence still wasn't as tidy as it could have been.

Fancy yourselves to go all the way?

With the players that we have got coming back from injury yes I would say so. We always seem to do well in the FA cup and I have a (£5 bet) feeling that this year is ours.

Do you think you've still got a remote chance for the Premiership still? Or you just concentrating on the cups now?

I think finishing third is very important for us this year, and with most teams not performing consistantly I think we're more than capable of doing so. That would probably be more important than winning the FA or Carling cups. However nothing would beat winning the Champions League.

Who would you like to see brought in during January? Anyone you've been linked with who you really don't want to see at the Emirates?

I don't really want to see too many more players coming in. We have a very young squad and it's time for them to start to gel and grow up together, any players added might disrupt that. Craig Gordon or Akinfeev would be nice though, as would a young left back, I wouldn't mind Bale. Remember we also have a lot of young players out on loan and a lot coming back from injury in the next few weeks.

Who have been your best players this season?

At the beginning of the season I would probably have said Eboue and Toure, however they've slacked off recently so recently it would be Gilberto, Adebayor and Van Persie.

And the worst?

Ljungberg definately, he's part his prime and can't handle playing at the top level anymore, especially without Mr.Bergkamp. Apart from the Liverpool game Senderos has had a poor season and I don't really rate him. Eboue has started to dissapoint recently but apart from that I don't think anyones had a really bad season.

How are you finding the Emirates?

It's a new stadium, and anything new takes a while to get used to. It looks fantastic, it feels fantastic, and as you walk over those steps and see the perfect pitch you get a fantastic feeling. However like a new house it will take a year or two to become a home It will build history, and I'm sure the decorates will add a few bits of paint here and there to liven it up a bit. At such a big club like Arsenal's there are a lot of responsibilitys, and in the pc world we live in today, everyones safety and enjoyment has to be thought about.

So to the game, how do you see the return game panning out?

Well Blackburn are on a bit of form at the moment, but I think Henry is back with avengence and I can see him getting a hat-trick for some reason. 4-1 Arsenal.

Who are going to be your key players? Are you worried of any of our players?

Fabregas is fantastic at dictating the tempo of the play so of course he'll be important. If Henry can perform he'll also make it very hard for your defence. But most of all I think its important we dont concede early on like we have a lot recently. As for your team, McCarthy has looked very dangerous recently. And at times your defence can be quite solid.

Finally a score prediction.

As I said earlier, 4-1 Arsenal with an Henry hattrick.

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During this season, Arsenal and Rovers were so evenly matched they could not be separated over 38 games.

14Rovers             38     12     12     14     51     63     36
=    Woolwich Arsenal    38    12    12    14    51    63    36

Rovers technically finished ahead on alphabetical order as they were still known as Woolwich Arsenal. It is the only instance of this happening in the history of the football league.

Well, I did not know that.

Good preview Clure :tu:

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I'm going to go for an (edit) possibly overly optimistic 3-1 to the Rovers. I don't think the lads will be in any mood to be overrun by arsenal, especially after the last match. I suspect we'll be stouter in midfield, which is where a lot of problems came from for that game. The recent run, and goal scoring habits should combine to put the players in the right frame of mind.

Gamst and Benni will score for us, no idea who the third will be from, but Van Persie (the @#/?o!) will score against us, AGAIN!

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It was pointed out that the last time we shipped 6 (against City in the early '80s), we reversed the 0-6 2-1 back at Ewood. Nice omen but if we repeat the aggregate we'll lose 0-1 on Saturday.

Think it will be a great game. Will be interesting to see what tactics Hughes adopts- play football again and risk another thrashing, or a bit of the rough stuff.

We certainly stand a chance of winning this one but I think we will end up 0-1.

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Having sat through the agony of 6-2 defeat at The Emirates and endured the gloating of numerous Gooners on the way out of the stadium, any victory that keeps metropolitan mouths firmly shut will be welcome.

6-1 will do, for an aggregate 8-7 triumph.

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this is the arsenal team tonight:


* 24 Almunia

* 31 Hoyte

* 05 Toure

* 20 Djourou

* 45 Traore

* 32 Walcott

* 04 Fabregas

* 17 Song Billong yellow card

* 15 Denilson

* 09 Julio Baptista

* 30 Aliadiere

can only see 3 or 4 of them starting against us.

in last seasons fixture we won 1-0 with pedersen netting the winner and todd having henry in his back pocket all game. hopefully history can repeat it's self. :rover:

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I don't fancy our chances. We're in a rich vein of form, but the gulf in class (along with the promotion of ballet by referees) will probably prove too much.

Anyone watching their kids, aka The Foreign Legion? Fantastic academy they've got there.

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Have the same confidence that we will win this as I did the Liverpool game.

3-1, have no idea who will score but I don't really care. Arsenal hate coming up north and we are the type of team which won't let them play, especially as we are at home. Keep Henry quite and we won't have a problem.

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