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[Archived] Mourinho Leaves Chelsea


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Reports indicating he has gone all over the wires and the TV.

Im kinda stuck for words.

Not doing well but still a suprise if true. Apparantly he's told senior players he's leaving.

Fortunately for us I don't think Sparky is Abramovic's type of guy.

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It would be good to think our result at the weekend played some part in this.

"Mourinho sent text messages to John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba wishing each of them "good luck in the rest of your career" and saying that he was leaving the club this morning."


Why is there two threads on this topic?

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to be fair it was going to happen sooner or later

points to consider:

will the chelsea fans turn on roman?

jose boots are going to be big to fill, clowns feet would even struggle. The headhunters could be coming for hughes :(

what will jose do now? media? take a break? or maybe he has another managers position lined up?

will lampard, terry etc follow jose out of the club?

one things for sure, chelsea and the premiership won't be the same without jose.

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