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[Archived] Rovers Vs Sunderland - Dec 28Th Preview (Well Sort Of...)

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The (not exactly) Blackburn Rovers vs Sunderland Preview

At this time of year, the matches are coming thick and fast and so are the match previews. The problem with doing ‘em and getting ‘em up on the site on time is that recent results might not actually be reflected in the text ... for example, as I write this, should I be saying “Rovers will be looking to build on the excellent 4-0 away win at Wigan” or “after the humiliation of the 4-0 loss at Wigan, Rovers will be looking to bounce back”?

Getting the usual Q&A done with an opposition fan is even trickier as we approach the Christmas festivities. Their views are just as likely to look outdated by matchday as ours, they are often too busy with parties and shopping, or when you’re talking to the good folk of the north-east, they also have the disturbing habit of hibernating in little holes due to the harsh north sea winds that refreshes parts that other winds cannot reach. Either that or certain Black Cats fans just can’t be @r$ed to respond (not looking at anyone in particular, Ian). It’s also tricky to chase when you’re having to work away until Christmas Eve.

Compound these facts with the realisation there’s so many previews to digest at the end of December you can end up feeling like having eaten the 4th day of turkey sandwiches, so what to do? Do I go all Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come and try and predict the future? Do I force feed something as welcome as week old sprouts? Do I approach the subject with hard facts that are dated come match day? Or do I forget the entire shebang and do something totally different? Well....

Welcome to the Great BRFCS.com End of Year Prize Quiz!

For a little something different and your chance to win a spectacular prize (ok something worth a few quid from the club shop), just put your brains to work on the following 28 questions. Then answer the tie breaker in less than 12 words (28/12 get it?) and send a PM to yours truly by kick off on match day. Winner will be announced by the end of the year. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Rovers vs Sunderland

1 Rovers played Sunderland 5 times last season, but which Rover almost kept it at just the 4 by shooting inches wide very late on in the FA Cup?

2 This will be the 3rd successive season Rovers have played Sunderland over the festive period, and a record equalling 4th time since the formation of the Premier League – which other club(s) have Rovers faced 4 times over Christmas/New Year since 1992/93?

3 And why don’t Sunderland already hold the record?

4 Rovers away at Sunderland on 18th Jan 1997 saw a notable first – what?

5 And the same match saw a notable last – what?

6 Why did Rovers directly lead to Sunderland being deducted 2 points in one season?

7 Which player featured in over 400 games across the two clubs?

8 One hundred years ago, in the 1909/10 season, Rovers were riding high at the top of the league when they entertained Sunderland. What was the score that day?

9 The year before, Rovers were below Sunderland until the match at Ewood. The match was a lively affair and saw Rovers win by what scoreline?

10 What connects the following results from different seasons and no other pairs of results:

Rovers 3 – 0 Sunderland & Sunderland 2 – Rovers 0

Sunderland 1 – 0 Rovers & Rovers 1 – 2 Sunderland

Rovers in 2009

11 Which coaches left Rovers in 2009 and had a particular effect on the Riverside?

12 What was the name of the pricing initiative launched towards the end of the 2008/09 season in the Darwen End?

13 Which team did Rovers have to wait over 2 months to play twice in 2009?

14 Which team did Rovers play just once but had to wait over 109 years to play?

15 2009 was the year a Junior became a Senior; how long had it taken him?

16 Which player gave fans the hump when rumoured to be signing?

17 Rovers have scored (to 25th Dec) 52 goals in all competitions, one of which was an own goal. Of the remaining 51 goals, how many different goal scorers has there been? a ) 17 b ) 20 c ) 22


This former Black Cat and current Rover is one of how many in Q17?

Which current Rover is an anagram of:

18 I wanted Shrek!

19 Better mentor

20 My chic, decent brat

21 Gem demonstrates porn

22 Rare snot jobs

What links:

23 actor Jim Carrey, Halloween serial killer Michael Myers & Tugay?

24 actor Patrick Stewart, actor David Duchovny & Franco Di Santo?

25 wrestler Big Daddy, actor John Wayne & Nikola Kalinic?

26 Daz automatic washing powder, Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin & Paul Robinson?

27 scientist Louis Pasteur, actor Gerard Depardieu & David Dunn?

Really Hard Last Question

28 Who won when Burnley visited Ewood on 18th October?


A fan favourite features in a Rovers-Sunderland match. Keith Andrews is also pictured.

Tie breaker : complete the following in less than 12 words.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without BRFCS.com because...

PS - Rovers to win 3-0, Dunn, Benni & Samba; although I’d be reasonably satisfied with the answer to Q9.  

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Re the questions and a little help requested.

Q13 - this doesn't mean any team that happened to have a fixture scheduled in, for example, April & in November. There is a unique answer.

The 'links' section require a mix of lateral thinking and knowledge of football, the wider world and this very website...

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Rovers MUST redress the home form after the capitulation versus Spurs.

They will have the chance in front of yet another huge home crowd, I estimate approx 28000 plus. If we cannot win this game then its a sad end to the year and a fatal blow to any hopes of European adventures being available next season.

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Rovers MUST redress the home form after the capitulation versus Spurs.

They will have the chance in front of yet another huge home crowd, I estimate approx 28000 plus. If we cannot win this game then its a sad end to the year and a fatal blow to any hopes of European adventures being available next season.

'KIN ELL!! You been on the Gin already Roverite :blink:

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We desperately need a win here, but we desperately needed a win at Wigan and couldn't get it. Sunderland are pretty poor defensively, much like ourselves, but they have more of a threat up front than we do.

Optimistic - 1-1.

Realistic - 3-1 Sunderland.

I'd love the lads to prove me wrong and actually make a game out of this... but I just don't see who (other than Benni Mac) is going to stand up and perform. I think we got our fill against Chelsea.

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  • Backroom

Massive, huge, gargantuan game for us now this one, we need to start picking up wins.

I should manage to have a good day either way as we're on the match sponsers table, lets just hope we don't get fobbed off with a Turkey dinner.

2-1 Rovers I'm going to go for against my better judgement, Kalinic to finally get his goal for the winner. Has to be a better peformance for that to happen though.

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I'm hoping Kalinic starts for us on Monday. Never got a game today and will be fresh, and hopefully with McCarthy playing up top WITH him and not behind him!

A win would give us a little breathing space, and would be the perfect confidence booster going into the Villa games!

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Jacobsen - Samba - Givet - Chimbonda

Emerton - Salgado - Nzonzi


Kalinic - Di Santo

Play everything through McCarthy, and have Emerton and Chimbonda bombing forward (with Nzonzi covering). If Emerton isn't available, then I'd begrudgingly throw Pedersen there at his expense.

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I have to say I am not too confident about this. Our squad is already thin, plus we will be tired. At least Benni has got a goal which is really important. Team I would go for:-






Hopefully Salgado in the middle should cover for his lack of pace and give us a bit more composure. We need Kalinic to start worrying defenders too. Hopefully Cana and Cattermole will be out, if so we have a chance. If not it could be a long afternoon....

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