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[Archived] Underpower Championship

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Norwich v Watford kick it all off tonight.

Possibly the most open league competition at any level in years as there are huge question marks over the teas relegated.

Burnley have Laws and a few new signings but have lost some as well- Laws is no Coyle, end of.

Hull's big ambition is to avoid a 10 point deduction through administration.

Pompey's big ambition is to find a team especially as yesterday's "signing" signed for Sheff U this morning.

So if we discount those three, who is going up?

Well I don't buy the fact that Strachan has stripped his homeland of players makes Boro favourites but they should be useful.

Forest ought to be obvious but surprise surprise Billy Davies is having a rumpus with his board instead of spending their money.

Leicester ought to be good again but the Thais and Mandaric are leaving it awfully late to be decisive in the market.

Bristol City under Coppell are making shrewd signings and in Sproule and Maynard have two of the most exciting players in the Division.

Sheff U are not weaker than last time out and will be a tough set of opponents for anyone.

Ipswich are hampered by the wild Roy Keane but have some decent players.

Reading came very good at the end of last season and should make the play-offs.

Leeds and Norwich could both challenge first time back.

Doncaster have held onto most of their players and made a significant signing in Billy Sharpe- they are certainly a very attractive side too watch under Sean O'Driscoll who is probably the pick of the bosses at that level. I fancy they will upset the apple cart and reach the play-offs.

Swansea and Cardiff are probably both more concerned about money than anything else.

PNE's 3-0 win against us was the highlight of their relegation-bound season (with Scunthorpe and Millwall).

So my tip for going up is QPR- Warnock is not everyone's cup of tea but he can manage and they are making some good signings.

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Should be exciting...

For some reason I see Derby and QPR making good challenges after settled summers, although I feel the former will fall short of a serious title challenge.

Middlesbrough will finish in the top six in my opinion.

No idea how the Dingles will do - some good signings, but a cr@p manager and you sense the fans are just waiting for a balls up to have a go at him.

Preston will no doubt languish in mid table mediocrity.

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I actually fancy Ipswich to make a solid promotion challenge and they are my favourites to win the league. Sheff Utd will be there or thereabouts, Burnley will fail, Leeds and Bristol City may well be outsiders. As a dark horse Forest may well be the team that flourish.

Middlesboro will make a good start but are play off favourites for me.

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I fancy Leeds to do well, think they'll make the play offs but miss out on promotion.

I fancy Leeds to put in a good season myself, although like yourself, I just feel the loss of Beckford's goals may mean they end up around the play-off battle.

The longer Burnley hold on to Laws the better. The man was the cheap option when appointed and nothing has changed since. Think he's out of his depth, even in the Championship.

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I did hear right that David James went to Bristol City didn't I?

That being the case, I expect that makes them considerably stronger at the back in that division? Would anyone agree.

With Coppell at the helm they could be the suprise package.

I also think Ipswich will suprise a few, as will Swansea, Forest & Derby, but you'd have thought Boro would do well, but has Strachan still really got it anymore?

I agree with an earlier poster, I'd like to see Doncaster do well, they play some good stuff and yes, Billy Sharpe is a good finisher at that standard.

I hope the Dingles, dirty Leeds and PNE get stuffed out of sight.

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What a pleasant refreshing change after the World Cup. Flowing football, honest endeavour all played with a real ball!

Not so sure about the flowing football - first 15 mins where very scrappy, but then when the little one managed to get "Shaun the Sheep" on the telly instead of the footy that looked scrappy to...

Feels weird that the season is upon us already

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David James, England's Number One, the man Capello picked ahead of Robinson, destroyed on his home debut for Bristol City 3-0 by newly promoted Milwall.

Long shall we sing songs of Capello's genius. The Italian specialist. The world beater.

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Long shall we sing songs of Capello's genius. The Italian specialist. The world beater.

Wasn't Capellos fault the over paid prim donnas didn't perform or give a **** about playing for England.

But thats for another thread :tu:

Wonder if the Preston fans will be on here tonight :lol:

They beat us pre-season you know :lol:

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  • Backroom

25 minutes in this Leeds - Derby game is an absolute belter.

Commons just scored a cool penalty to make it 2-1 Derby

Well worth a watch

Welcome back football!

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