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[Archived] New Manager

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I'd take him instead of Kean...

Hmmm we're out of the Carling cup now thanks to Kean's tactics/roll over and die mentality.

Souness could have worked his 2002 league cup magic!!

Not that thats really the priority at the moment, but still we were in the quarter finals until that muppet played a weak squad!!!

I'd say Souness has the experiences to sort out the basics like defence and play a structured side...the players needs a good mental kicking and i think he would do that.

As for Dunn-well....

He would have my vote of confidence/backing

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I just wonder if now could be a good time to get rid. Any manager looking at us now would see a chance of survival. Results were kind to us today, hopefully wolves and Sunderland share the points tomorrow so we're still in touch with both of them.

If we do get rid of him I hope they play it like Sunderland. No messing about, get your man in the door quickly.

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How would people feel about Souey returning until the end of the season?

He was yesterdays man yesterday! How can anyone forget the relegation-bound side he'd cobbled together for his last season?

"Better than Kean" true but who isn't?

Keith Hill is a decent suggestion.

But Hughes is the man!

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How would people feel about Souey returning until the end of the season?

Jim MK2 would absolutely love that. Bet Dunny would be chuffed to bits too. Sadly the man with the blank expression who stands on the side of the pitch is here for a while longer.

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Like quite a few names thrown forward but doubt many of them would be interested.. Hughes, Souey and Curbs would all be good shouts for us to survive.

As for the others Shearer, Ancelotti, Hiddink, Solskjaer, Benitez, Bilic, Laudrup, Jones are to me really not the types we would want in a relagation scrap.. but thats probably just my opinion.

I would add one that I have not seen on the list.. mentioned elsewhere but to me the most ideal would be Schuster

1 - Level of manager who could get jnr to sign and settle Samba

2 - Salgado was his vc when at Real, so he has working knowledge with one current player at least

3 - Has a great record with smaller clubs (Similar transfer balance sheet to blackburn at the likes of Getafe)

4 - Vast experience (and up to date knowledge)

5 - Wanted to come to the EPL a while back (his current pref is Germany though)

6 - Currently available

7 - Would attract a higher level of player (end of career inspirational types) which would appeal to Venkys

8 - Style of football would fit well with many of our current squad (would certainly make a tough midfielder a priority) and Venkys eventual ideal

9 - Has a reputation of working well with a variety of player personalities (Arguably the most scary combination of pre-madonas and psychos ever at Real.. and kept them happy.. mixing players like Robinho, Salgado, Heinze, Raul, Robben, Guti, Saviolla etc)

10 - A manager with guts, the kind who would be ideal in a scrap

11 - Obviously commands allot of respect with players

12 - Would appeal to most fans

Saying that he is very well known to not taking any cr*p.. so not what anyone would call a yes man lol

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Would be happy with Souness as this would mean Kean would be gone. May not be the complete ideal choice, but. Keep Souness till end of season. If he keeps us up, take it from there. He may only be interested till end of season anyway. So review then. But essential Rovers stay in the prem.

Better chance with Souness - no chance with Kean

Souness in, Kean out.

Not entirely happy with Souness or Hughes given the manner in which they both left.

Just because we are in the brown stuff should not mean we throw away all our principles

Was not Souness on the verge of being sacked last time, until Newcastle came in for him? Which saved Rovers compo payments going out and rovers got paid by newcastle instead.

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