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[Archived] New Manager


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Two coaches appointed tomorrow but no manager according to Cryer

If true then we are more screwed than ever as its clear Shebby is running the show

This is one big joke !

Nicks saying it is not Hughes or Coyle but hinting it is someone out of work. Di Matteo? Roy Keane? Glen Hoddle? Who knos

Roy Keane love to see him deal with Agnew and Singh !!!!

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Depends who the coaches are.

Most managers have a team, with Hughes its Bowen and Eddie N (cant spell his surname), Eriksen comes with Tord Gripp etc...

Strange way to go, but signifies that its a done deal with the manager to me.

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Hughes still has hair so he's out....


Where's Ralfino when you need him!!!! :xmas:

He's been adamant for days that Hughes is being appointed, of course he's thrown money on it. Yet he was equally convinced by Holloway but keeps telling everyone Hughes will get it.

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Danny Murphys just tweeted saying wonder who's taking training tomorrow

Now we can either take that as a genuine question or a hint that it could be Murphy (a bit of a reach I know)

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If 2 coaches arrive tomorrow it will be a pointer as to whether it's going to be a decent appointment. Surely to god the coaches will be part of the new manager's thinking. \Rule out Hughes. It doesn't bode well.

Nicko saying a big surprise....I'ts going to be Maradonna.

Maybe Pep fancies getting back into football :tu:

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If the story about 2 coaches coming in before the new manager is true there can only be two scenarios:

1) The new manager has asked for assurances re: bringing in his own coaching team, which is being given by sacking our first team staff and bringing in the requested personnel.


2) The appointment is internal - Shebby, Murphy, Hendry, Agnew, the tea lady... who knows.

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