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[Archived] No To Coyle

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I know the former Club Doctor at Bolton, very well and some of the stories he told about Coyle were worrying. He had a few altercations with him, as Coyle tried to undermine him. He came out with the classic, I am the boss, so you will do as I say and that was on a medical matter. Obviously thought he was correct on said medical matter, despite not having any qualifications. Needless to say, the Doc did't like him.

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Well, they've certainly dumb downed expectation to such and extent that we'll be mighty relieved when they appoint someone less sh1t.

Coyle is a 100% sh1t but McLeish is say 68% sh1t? Redfearn is 87% sh1t and Joyce has unknown shitness.

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If it's a choice of Joyce or Coyle I am taking Coyle every single time.

I understand your view....However with joyce we don't know how @#/? he is ..... With venkys no understanding of football they may unwittingly unearth a gem .....in Owen coyles case we already know how @#/? he is.... And there lies the dilemma

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