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Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

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Another step towards the back 3/5 we should be playing with. It's the logical step, as TM said himself last season. When you've lost all your defenders, and you're relying on less experienced players, chuck another one in there and sure it up a little. JRC, Nyambe, Adarabioyo, Grayson, Bell. Depends when Lenihan is back I guess, but if we don't have Williams, Lenihan or Cunningham, we have to stick another defender in there to even that out.

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10 hours ago, Wegerleswiggle said:

Don't worry he'll be well and truly tucked up in bed now. Horlicks drunk, hobnobs eaten, scout report from Albania v Andorra in, text messages from Benno and Arma read and responded to. 

I reckon that's startlingly accurate.

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1 minute ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

"A bit disappointed about their goal, I gave the ball away, but other than that, I was pretty pleased."

From Mr Williams himself. "Other than giving a goal away" - outside of Ewood that is considered a failure and a bad performance. And it sums up our defending in general and why at best he and the rest of the defence peak at mediocre.

incidentally the article complaining of injuries to Bell and Hart - they're both substandard anyway and no big loss.


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I haven't been able to get to a game for quite a long time but i'm flying over for this game and PNE. After reading posts on here I'm anticipating wanting to top myself at half time.

It's also the first time in 15 years I'm going to Ewood by train and not car. Where's good for a pre-match pint these days? I feel like I'm gonna need a few before going in.

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