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Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

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An easy win after soaking up some filthy rays.

If we're ever going to score 3 or more then this is the match. It's the kind of game that even Brereton could score in.

Incidentally, where is Big Ben? Surely he's bulked up enough by now. It's time to put aside these 'mysterious injuries' and unleash the Beast.

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Just now, davulsukur said:

I really hope he doesn't let them go off on their jollys this international break.

They don't fucking deserve it.

We are already at must win games.....

.....in November.

We are getting our must win games in before anyone else. It is the only thing we do first 

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Just now, Pedro said:

Fucking pathetic. They haven't earnt a break, they've rarely got out of first gear this season.  Holiday camp atmosphere at Rovers helps to support this weak mentality that too many have. 

I'm fast getting to the end of any residual patience I had for Mowbray.

Do Butlins still operate, he can fuck off there for a job.

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My post towards the top has been screen-shotted  over on Twitter, a right of passage for any brfcs-er :D

Though not sure why, as ‘Tony, sort it out’ if the game is going against us is exactly where the home support is on the ‘has he lost the crowd?’ scale at the minute... 

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Anything less than a clean sheet and two or more goals for ourselves would be a shit result here. Easily the worst side in the league, just lost to Stoke heavily. We have to keep them out and we have to score a few. 1-0 or 2-1 wins would be good but would also be worrying to me against a side like Barnsley.

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Next 4 games - Barnsley, Brentford, Stoke, Derby.

3 of them at home. These are all games where we should be favourites if there are truely any aspirations whatsoever within the club.

These are our MUST WIN games to build some confidence and start a run.

The target has to be 12 points. Not 10 points. Not less.

12 points or he must go.

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22 hours ago, AAK said:

The blackburn end could barely get out a "barmy army" never mind creating a hostile atmosphere towards the manager and running of the club.

Not been an atmosphere in at ewood in 10 years. Must be the quietest ground in the championship. Anyway to this game. See it being a draw or Barnsley win. MOWBRAY OUT no matter the result.

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Feels like one of those games where all the pre-match is built up to being a home banker for us.

Unquestionably this is a must win game but i would say it is a game most will expect to win.

When we get to those games, we normally struggle.

I can see a score draw, 2-2 maybe with us being 2-1 down, grabbing an equaliser around the 80th minute mark.

10+mins of us "attacking" so Mogga can spin "if the game was 5 mins longer, there was only going to be 1 winner"

Ultimately, a frustrating draw at best i think.   

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I hope we go on either a really excellent OR really poor run to be honest. I'm sick to death of all this zombie-like meandering around mediocrity.

I want to be excited again when I hear the words 'Blackburn Rovers'.

I long for the day when I no longer peer nervously down the M65 knowing the sixfingeredknuckledragginggoonsofalter-ego have a better manager, better players, and better prospects.

At the moment, I'm not holding my breath - all the signs are there of a long, lingering lurch towards oblivion.

(Am more than happy to be shown otherwise by the boys in Blue and White!)



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