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Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

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1 hour ago, WIR Second Coming said:

I hope we go on either a really excellent OR really poor run to be honest. I'm sick to death of all this zombie-like meandering around mediocrity.

I want to be excited again when I hear the words 'Blackburn Rovers'.

I long for the day when I no longer peer nervously down the M65 knowing the sixfingeredknuckledragginggoonsofalter-ego have a better manager, better players, and better prospects.

At the moment, I'm not holding my breath - all the signs are there of a long, lingering lurch towards oblivion.

(Am more than happy to be shown otherwise by the boys in Blue and White!)



Meandering around mediocrity.  At the moment we aspire to mediocrity.

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On 10/11/2019 at 13:29, davulsukur said:

I really hope he doesn't let them go off on their jollys this international break.

They don't fucking deserve it.

We are already at must win games.....

.....in November.

Armstrong had already gone.

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12 hours ago, Amo said:

My team would go a little something like this:


My only issue with that (other than whether Lenihan will be ready to be plunged right in) is Johnson. He has been very shit the last few times I've seen him. Currently I'd put nearly any of our CM options ahead of him, he's been that poor. Evans, Bennett or Downing. Not that I'm sold on any of them.

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Just now, roversfan99 said:

Armstrong is the first player that deserves dropping, and Graham the first name on the teamsheet. It was primarily Dack and Holtby that linked up well to be fair.

Perhaps, but I'm wondering if having Armstrong up top encourages us to keep on the deck for Dack/Holtby, as opposed to lumping it to Graham at the first opportunity.

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It's good for the counter attack and has worked a time of two but trouble is the sit back and slowly pass around style just invites pressure. Then it ends up often the only option is launch it.

As for years like a good commanding centre half needed so is a proper target man.  

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Can Lewis Thompson just get a chance though ? he's been immense all season for the 23's, got his international call up for the Northern Ireland side and scored in his debut. A natural left-wing back, top work rate and effort, can't be any worse than Bell and in my opinion could be better than him if given a shot. Who am I kidding though Bennett will play there.


Adarabioyo    Lenihan    Williams

  Nyambe                                                          Thompson
Travis      Holtby


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On 13/11/2019 at 11:33, Mattyblue said:

Enough is enough. 

Get the Dack/Graham combination back together and stop pissing about.

I think he will, by the way, as he has often picked up a win when desperately needed.

I would love us to go back to basics.

Dack playing off Graham. Rothwell on one wing, Chapman on the other. Give them license to bomb forward.

Put Downing at left-back for his crossing ability.

We all know it will be same shit, slightly shuffled faces (sans Bennett).

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