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European Champions League 2020/21

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Two rounds of the league format already completed.

I had expected the English contingent to struggle but the quartet top their groups and would have had a 100% record but for Chelsea's draw with Sevilla.

Mancs' win in Paris and demolition of RB Leipzig the most unexpected- I had them as sure to be knocked out. They are 16th currently in the EPL.

Real Madrid rock bottom of their group currently will surely stir themselves while troubled Barca are going very well with that win away at Juve. 

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11 hours ago, speeeeeeedie said:

I don't pay much attention to the early group stage matches as it's usually a foregone conclusion. However the 2020-21 start has been interesting. Lots of goals, some surprise results.

Oh, and Man U got beat tonight.

MU have been watching us take corners and last night, perfection

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Leicester played tonight and had vardy, Evans, soyuncu, Barnes, Perriera, Perez and Mandy not playing and guess what, you couldn’t tell. They played in the same style with the same intensity and every player new there role. They put four past braga without reply. Yes two of those came on later when the game was already won. That’s 7 first team players out of the usual 11. They rotate players and nothing changes . Every year they have had huge losses in selling players , chilwell, maguire, Mahrez, Kante and still they continue to improve. Now look back over the excuses our manager and fans have trotted out and we haven’t sold a single player and Tony has had two seasons extra and I still don’t know what the best formation is , who the best players are to play said formation or even who takes our free kicks. People need to wake up and smell the coffee with Tony because tonight’s Leicester manager showed what proper management is. Tony the nice guy like ole the nice guy can’t get the best out of the players and isn’t tactically astute enough to win enough games to get us were HE said we were aiming for. Ole is under pressure and pochettino is being lined up as I write. Meanwhile Tony shrugs his shoulders as we go again. Where is it we’re going again . That’s right mid table mediocrity

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One round of group games left to go. This BBC has a good summary of what teams are through and what is left to play for; Champs League scenarios

Liverpool are through as winners, and as Atalanta play Ajax next week for the other qualifying spot he can play the u18's without upsetting anyone. It may keep him quiet about injuries for a week or 2.

PSG are a good team but Man U gifted them the win yesterday putting their qualification hopes in jeopardy. They play Leipzig who they beat 5-0 at home, but this Man U team is Jekyll and Hyde so who knows what team will turn up.

This ESPN article rips into the manager; Solskjaer not up to it - ESPN

Anyone can progress in Group B. Real could go out. 




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19 hours ago, Atko's Engine said:

Looks like it's the latter tonight.

Yep. They only started playing with 20 minutes to go.

I've said from day 1 that Solskjaer isn't good enough to be a top level manager. Episodes like last night prove it. 

The PSG-Istanbul game was called off. According to my TV coverage the 4th official told the referee to speak to "that black lad over there" as he was irate over a decision and expressing his disgust. The officiating crew were all Romanian so spoke in their local tongue. Black in Romanian is "negru". Demba Ba heard this and went ballistic. 

Was it racist? I have no idea. 



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The group stage is over. Despite a good start the drama somewhat fizzled. Here are the teams who made it through;

Group winners: 

Germany - Bayern Munich,  Borussia Dortmund

Italy – Juventus

England -  Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea

Spain - Real Madrid

France - Paris St-Germain

Runners up: 

Germany - Borussia Monchengladbach, RB Leipzig

Italy - Atalanta, Lazio

Spain - Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla

Portugal - Porto

Teams cannot be drawn against another from the same country in the last 16.

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The knockout stage draw was made today. 

Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Manchester City

Lazio vs. Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea

RB Leipzig vs. Liverpool

Porto vs. Juventus

Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain

Sevilla vs. Borussia Dortmund

Atalanta vs. Real Madrid

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1 hour ago, chaddyrovers said:

Surely this put champions league and any UEFA competition at risk of being now



They can still leave their homes for training and matches I think. The tweet doesn't tell the full story at all really.

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6 minutes ago, frosty said:

They can still leave their homes for training and matches I think. The tweet doesn't tell the full story at all really.

I thought they would only be allowed to train or play under lock-down rules, not self-isolation rules.

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