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    Not buying it. Ill, yes close to death, no. They probably prepared to announce his death the second he was admitted because he's the prime minister. The same way the bbc rehearse announcing the queen has died. Reports at the time was that he was sat up playing games and talking.
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    I’m sure he was I’ll Gav, more than likely struggling quite baldy with his breathing. Also it’s more than possible that if he asked early on about whether it could cost him his life he would be told that it could - which would apply to anyone with the virus. I just have my doubts that he was at any point actually near to death.
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    Hi all, Two things, firstly thank you all so much for the good wishes, it genuinely gave me a huge lift when I heard about this thread. A quick update, I'm now home with the family and recovering. Both me and my wife (as I feared both working in the NHS) got Covid, it was awful for a week and both very poorly. I suddenly took a turn for the worse and was rushed into Hospital with a Temp of 41.2 and was admitted into intensive care. Covid, Pneumonia and Sepsis basically kicked the life out of me for several days and it was very much touch and go if I survived or not. I spent 5 days in intensive care in a pressurised oxygen CPAP hood (looked like a minion) and faced multiple organ failure. The Hospital had discussed ventilating me with my wife but luckily I started to respond to treatment. I spent a further 7 days on the Intensive care ward oxygen whilst my bloods where treated then 5 days on a general ward. I was discharged over 1.5 stone lighter (not a bad thing lol) Covids parting shot was leaving me with Type 1 Respiratory System Failure, which I should fully recover from in 6-8 weeks. Physically I feel quite well although very fatigued and get very breathless if walking about. My Oxygen levels are holding up well and my heart rate is lowering from dangerously high towards normal. Im improving day by day. ALL The staff at Royal Blackburn are immense & true heroes, I can never thank them enough or put into words how amazing they all are. They saved my life literally. I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope and pray for every one else struck with the virus.... Please all stay safe
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    Been to B&Q Blackburn this morning for some work related stuff and have to say they've got it very well organised in there at the min. Although it was quite early and was steady stream of people but the queue outside was beginning to snake back a way. Plenty hand sanitizers etc inside and out. Everybody be patient and that's the way to go.
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    Working Class salaries have largely frozen since the 1980s (which I consider a major major problem globally, and ultimately the root of the anti globalisation/trump/Brexit movement) but what I mean is consumer goods you can buy with that salary have massively improved. The quality of the cars, clothes, technology etc you can buy has hugely improved since the 80s. So there are as in all economics tradeoffs. We could become ultra protectionist and ensure 100% employment, and raise nominal salaries. But as the cost of goods rise will it actually improve peoples lives? The experience of Argentina etc suggests not. The answer to get salaries going up and keep cheap consumer goods is to 1) properly internationally regulate and integrate to ensure a fair playing field and keep trade and investment flows open , and 2) countries invest in the areas that need investment to upskill. The UK really failed at 2) where poorer areas of the UK have been disinvested in hugely, while with Brexit etc we have moved on to supporting 1) being weakened. Totally mad.
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    One controversial shout for a player who was always popular but both at the time and after his departure slightly underappreciated has to be Jordan Rhodes. There was always an undercurrent of people trying to find holes in what he couldnt do and a blatant under-appreciation of quite how ridiculous his goal record was. 3 full seasons in teams that ranged from shambolic in the first year to more stable in the second and third (with obvious major flaws still existing) he got 27, 25 and 21 goals. Then a further 10 in a half season prior to his departure. It takes incredible anticipation, composure and intelligence to be so consistently prolific. We have been lucky to have since had Graham and Dack but even in League 1 neither could smash the 20 goal barrier Rhodes did every full season he was here. Goals always will be priority 1 from a striker, he was an absolute guarantee. His post Rovers career is pretty irrelevant to how good he was here, played a key role in Boro's promotion but went to 2 clubs who clearly had bought him without necessarily the managers final say and I think hes suffered a crisis of confidence but it doesnt take away his extraordinary consistency here.
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    If some of the PL clubs want to finish the season just playing for places with no relegation, there is absolutely no point in completing the Championship fixtures. If all leagues are to finish they must do so with promotion and relegation, otherwise it’s a waste of time.
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    We did need them but we fooked it up by just leaving the old people to die in their care homes with no plans to move them. Only 30 people have been treated in the London nightingale hospital, some have died too. Somehow Chaddy, Gav etc think that's no problem. White elephants the lot of them , a PR wheeze by Hancock to talk about when the 30,000 deaths mentioned. No overwhelming the NHS , just ignore the poor old sods and keep em where they are. A scandal. Hancock out!
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    You don't go into ICU unless you are seriously ill, its as simple as that. You certainly don't get nurses plastered across the worldwide media talking about it if its not true either.
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    Nobody really wants to rock the boat though. I'm thoroughly fed up of the lies and half truths but I go along with lockdown because it would be necessary whoever was in power. Once were through the worst and potentially more stories of mismanagement etc come out I think people will get more critical, but it still wont matter about our voting intentions, because were over 4 years to the next election, so theres no chance of our directly changing government anyway.
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    As many commentators have said, there is no such thing as "the science" in this new crisis, scientists have different views about how to handle it. "Following the best scientific advice" is hiding behind the science and its done by the same people who emphatically deny "the science" when it comes to global warming and tell us the scientists are divided or the debate is inconclusive.
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    We’ll bottle it even in a virtual game.
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    I went to the Range yesterday. Was there 10am and starting to queue even tho the store didnt open till 10.30. By time the store open the queue was around the side of the building and the full length at the car park. I would say 50 to 60 people queuing by time I was leaving at 10.45
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    Joe South - Games People Play
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    Yeah that's pretty much the way i see it as well den tbh
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    Den has alluded to a serious issue above. Even people who recover may well have to live with damaged organs, which means both their life expectancy and their quality of life will be diminished. We could be counting deaths from this virus outbreak years ahead. That's without wave 2 or 3 or another completely new outbreak. Sympathies to you Den about your friend. I hope he recovers but, as you say, it doesn't look good.
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    The integrity of the competition will have already gone out of the window if they have to play at neutral venues.
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    The Who - Pictures of Lily
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    What you need to bear in mind is not everybody posting on here got dealt the same hand when it came to grey matter. Some got short changed. Once you look at things in that light you become more understanding.
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    Made the problem worse by making 1/8th of them feel unwelcome in the UK.
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    I thought building the Nightingale Hospitals was a good move and well worth doing, however they didn't solve the problem of where the extra thousands of doctors and nurses to staff them were going to come from.
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    Max Romeo - Wet Dreams
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    Oh yeah I think we defo do need them. My point was that if they end up being not needed, the government shouldn't be criticised for building them (different story if they're are misused) I guess by the time this lot of nightingale was complete, covid had already spread through current hospitals so segregating may have been difficult and the primary aim was to protect capacity /act as an over spill. Once we get this wave a bit more under control we should defo be segregating between hospitals and nightengales. That's just my best guess at how it went though so could be way off the mark.
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    Not sure what would be more depressing. If we didn’t make the virtual play-offs - or if we did!

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