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[Archived] Huddersfield Town 3-1 FT


Huddersfield Cup Game - Are you going  

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  1. 1. Huddersfield Cup Game - Are you going

    • Yes, I have my ticket
    • Maybe, but haven't got a ticket yet
    • No and I could have been, I simply don't want to be / can'r be botherd
    • No, because other comitments take precidence
    • No, because I feel it's too much money for a game like this
    • No, becuase I live too far from Ewood for a game like this (although I live within the UK)
    • No, becuase I live too far from Ewood for a game like this (I don't live within the UK)
    • No, for different reason all together
    • Lee Grooby stole my ticket

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Booked for kicking ball into net when he had been flaged offside (According to Radio Lancs)


Know we have stooped low but even I didn't think we were time wasting in the first half. Helps with the boring football tag though !!! Asylum seeker nets his first. Whats the news on the attendance from radio lancs ?

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Not a bad result then, taken into account that Tottenham lost to Grimsby playing with their first team. Happy to see us progress, and as I've said before, the League Cup is the only trophy we have a slim slim chance of winning or getting to the final...heres hoping..! rover.gif

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Yes Blueboy and we take that opportunity up most weekends, bloody expensive it is as well I might add.  However there comes a point where enough is enough.  It's easy to point out faults in others from the other side of the world, if you're so concerned you could always buy a seat anyway.  Sponsor it maybe like Thendrog has suggested.


Buy a seat?

That's a ludricous idea as the club doesn't give a ###### about exiled fans.

The club needs to sort out its own backyard and surrounding environs before it seeks support from overseas.

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Just got back. All in all it was as you'd expect, Rovers never make it easy and they didn't tonight although they were in control for much of the game. Positives were Bellamy's finishing which was top drawer, and also Bentley who showed some good touches. Emerton was at his frustrating best, apart from a header which was saved well by the keeper. Perhaps Pederson should have played instead with Bentley on the right, it could have given us more of a threat up front.

Don't know the crowd, but there were about 4,000 Huddersfield fans in the ground when Bellamy scored the first and 6,000 in at the end. A lot missed a good chunk of the game.

But, a win is a win and you can't complain about three goals. We have to play 2 up front against teams at home though.

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Well I went in the end.

Good performance in the main I thought.

Emerton played in fits and starts. Bellamy had a very good game. I dont believe that Todd will go straight back into the first 11 come Staurday, Nelsen and Zura work well together.

5500 Hudds fans as well, massive ques outside both ends, and they didnt stop coming in until nearlyhalf time!

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I was on too , as they say in these parts.. Good open game..Rovers never out of control even when they got a goal shortly after a substitution when we lost concentration. we played at a much higher tempo than Saturday and had numerous chances ..Bellers could easily had more than a hatfull! Enjoyed it ..GOOD VALUE FOR A TENNER!

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Quite enjoyable and a good professional job by Rovers.

Bellamy is lightening quick and must have been onside for at least a couple of the 5 times he was flagged offside in the first half. Bentley looks good on the ball but I feel he may drift out of games for periods.

As mentioned earlier I was impressed by the Huddersfield fans at kicko ff time but they must have been scrumming for tickets all through the first half as it seemed like another 1,500 had appeared by the second half. Their side though were competent without being spectacular.

The only real negative point I can muster would be Emerton who was largely ineffective and very rarely attempted to take his full back on.

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I finally managed to get my mate to come down with me (he even brought his daughter, who went int BBE with her school mates)....so i did my bit thumbs-up.gif

We went int sparsely populated riverside & changed seats several times.

The linesman at the darwen end of the ground ruined the 1st half as a spectacle. He flagged for about 6 offsides & only got one right! mad.gif

We vented our fury at him, to the amusement of several kids infront.

Huddersfield had a great support tonight. probably between 5000 & 6000. They repeatedly sang our song (your mums your dad, your dads your mum, you`re interbred, you Lancashire scum)....so it must be catching on! thumbs-up.gif

Bellamy played well & could`ve scored a hattrick if it wasn`t for the over-zealous linesman in the 1st half.

When Zurab scored, we started singing "Kishivishivishimmmmmumble!" until somebody decided "Zurab! Zurab! Zurab!" was better tongue.gif

Don`t know what the attendance was yet, but i`d say only around the 10,000 mark.

Anyway, job done......a few goals & into the next round.


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Good result and at last some positivity. 3 goals, and using 4-4-2 as well. Will wonders ever cease biggrin.gif

A good boost to the confidence, even though it was a lower league team (although Spuds, Pompey & Man City were probably looking for the same).

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Got to the ground at 7-45pm, (late because of an accident on the motorway which caught out a lot of Huddersfield fans). Didn't have tickets and saw the queues outside the Blackburn End ticket office and decided to go in the Darwen End with my Town supporting mates. Got to be a first for me sitting with the away fans!!!

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