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[Archived] The Final Curtain - Rovers V Man City

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So then ladies and gentleman, its here, the saddest day of our season. For some of us, its pleasure, for others its the onset of boredom, for the wife and girlfriend its pure HELL, knowing that just around the corner is the World Cup Finals.

Yes, its the final game of the 2005/2006 football season. And my oh my, what a season it has been. How many of us members predicted the type of football we have witnessed this season ? How many of us thought we would double Man Utd ? My forthcoming last visit of the season is tinged with a wee bit of sadness but it is tempered by the fact the WORLD CUP is nigh and my England shirt is ready to be worn with pride as we seek to dominate the world football season. 3 Lions and all that later......

Rovers entertain the men from Manchester, the only real team in Manchester allegedly. A team that is steeped in tradition (of being a yoyo club), a team that commandeers full houses in each away end they visit and certainly a club that boast one of the best away support in football. So who are man City and what can we expect ?

We have seen two sides of City. One side is a very professional team, lead from the front by msrs Cole and Vassel, patrolled in the centre by Joey Barton and at the back a team marshalled by Dunne and Dystain. However, the other side of City is a different one altogether. What this particular outfit bring is pure comedy. A team lacking leadership, guile and effort. This is the team that I expect to turn up at fortress Ewood Sunday week.

So what makes City tick? We have all witnessed Stuart Pearces antics on the sidelines. We have seen how he makes a monkey of himself, how he shows his fans and players his own particular brand of management and we have all seen just how honest a man he is. When his team plays crap he tells everyine else what he thinks. I honestly dont think there is a City fan out there who know what to expect when they turn up for a match involving their team.

City are a club massivley in debt, they are club with a massive support and are a club with youth coming through that will surely make them a top 6 team in the future if not better. Currently they are a team in transition. A team of miscreants, a team of shambolic half hearted professionals and a team that really should have finished higher in the league this season.

Its such a sad fact that a team with a home crowd averaging around 41000 and an away support that has sold out every game with exception of Chelsea has been overshadowed by the progress of its youth team, the ongoing facade of will he/wont he sign Joey Barton (not to mention his association with a faceless racist murderer) and the ongoing circus of its owners.

So, the City of today.

Currently, this season they have won 3 games away from home and drawn 2. The other 11 have all seen defeats. After comparing those statistics to our home form, then any reasonable bookie would give long odds on an away win.

The team have suffered greatly from various injuries and loss of form. Supporters may recall the Barton fiasco, the injuries to Richard Dunne and Andy Cole, the selling of Robbie Fowler and a general lack of hard graft within the ranks. Rovers fans will also recall a very poor goalless game at COMS. The second one in consecutive seasons.

Early season, much was expected from City as they achieved very reasonable results. A devastating cup exit at Doncaster put them on a downward slider in the league. this was tempered by a decent FA Cup run which saw them lose out to one of the finalists - W Ham. Rovers fans should not goad as W Ham also knocked us out. Since that loss City have played 5, won 1 and lost 4. Before they visit Ewood they enterain Fulham and Arsenal.

Having an interest in academy football leads me to suspect that City boast a crop of youngsters that are capable of big things, but only of they can keep hold of them. Already the big clubs are circling talent such as Sturridge (striker), Etuhu and Logan. it is reported that Chelsea have already bid over £1m for Sturridge. They are struggling to keep hold of their latest prodigy in Micah Richards for whom Arsenal is a likely destination in the close season.

Back to the first team and the up coming match at Ewood.

The match sees Rovers striving to reach European football once more, it furhter sees them reaching an outstanding position in the league. Some pundits would have you believe it is some kind of miracle that M Hughes and Co have performed at Ewood in the past 12 months. For us supporters, we could never have believed that we would see 11 home wins in a season after 2 years of poor home form. We could never have imagined being 6th (as we are today). It is rightly so that Rovers backroom team and the Board take a lot of credit, not to mention the players themselves, who have moulded themselves into a team that is hardowrking, hard to beat and proud to we that Blue and White shirt.

I spoke to my mate GARETH, a City season ticket holder and a lad who is as critical of his team as I am of mine. On Sunday week, he will take his seat alongside me having sampled a few pre match beers (as long as his wife lets him). Before he went away on a week long break I discussed the upcoming game, a summary follows.

So then Gareth, how do you compare the season for our beloved teams?

I am not exactly chuffed at the way City have played and how they have failed to make inroads into the top 6. We have been carrying too many passengers, have suffered injuries and have not had the best of luck with referees. The club have not spent money wisely and a lot of dead wood needs moving on. In comparison, Rovers fans must be elated. How I wish City were in your position and that our club had the men behind the scenes like Blackburn. It is clear you are going places even if it is with a red manc scumbag in charge.

Which City team are gonna turn up at Ewood, the good one or the other ?

I have no idea. Its a hard call and it will depend on the results at home to Flham and Arsenal. Knowing City we will get 6 points at home and lose magnificently at your place.

Being a hard nosed Blues fan, how did you take to Andy Cole ?

Initially, I was not chuffed, after all he was a red and probably still is. saying that he has scored goals and its a shame he is injured as I am sure he would score at Ewood. I am now one of the converted.

Which players can City bring through the ranks, which one can you keep and who will be sold ?

We had to sell SWP and the club although in debt have money to spend. We are desperate to buy a midfielder or even 2, we need a striker and we need at least 2 defenders. As for outgoing, I think Mills is on his way, Barton may go, we will struggle to keep Dystain. There are players coming through such as Sturridge and Richards, both are being coveted by big clubs and Arsenal and Chelsea are allegedly looking at them. I think we saw their quality in the games on tv with the youth final. We have some promise but it all depends on what happens behind the scenes.

How do you rate Stuart Pearce and what do you think of his impassioned displays on the white wash ?

I like him but lets make it clear, he is NO England manager YET. I dont really have an opinion on his antics but I do wish some fo the players would show half of the passion for the blue shirt.

Who should Rovers be fearful of when the teams get it on ?

Not sure on who will actually play ! Samaras looks useful but we dont know if he will be fit. Barton, on his day, will run and run. defecne wise, Dystain is as good as it gets.

Which Rovers players will worry City?

of course, Bellamy, Pederson, Kuqi and that little ###### DICKOV. He always seems to score against us and I cant wait till he resigns for us in the summer ! It is gonna be whoever runs at our defence but Bellamy really causes me a great deal of worry.

A prediction if you will.

My heart says a City win but in reality, my head tells me that Rovers will win 2-0.

So then, a fitting home fixture to end the season. A derby match, a 29000 home crowd and a home win (hopefully).

One things for sure, when the players perform their lap of honour this season, it is every supporters responsibility to ensure they remain in the ground and clap their team off. This season THIS team deserve it. The team deserves every single ounce of credit given to them, especially and even more so if Rovers qualify for Europe.

So, the curtain comes down on what can only be described as a fantastic season. You can see the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and husband making plans for the bbq, the garden, shopping and decorating. How sad they will be when in a little over 30 days the World Cup hits our screens and when its over its only a small matter of 4 weeks until the Premiership season begins.

Have a happy Summer members/readers. Keep it safe and enjoy an English success in the World Cup. For our Scottish, Irish and Welsh readers, get behind England and forget your antagonism towards the 3 Lions. Your teams are NOT in the Cup finals so let bygones be bygones.

tata and Roll on August tinykit.gif

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yes, there is a reason, its next Sunday and I have a course to attend ! I also have permission from Den lol rover.gif


Fair enough, just figured you'd post it say, Saturday. And do the Chelsea one first (Unless you have and I missed it)

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They are more than welcome to take Dickov off us IMO.

As for the game, i can see an anti-climax coming here and a rare home defeat for the season to Man City with Andy Cole bagging a brace.

Rovers 0

Man City 2

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After the Charlton match i have had a change of heart, if we play like that against a Man City side with sweet fa to play for we should win comfortably.

A change in prediction to

Rovers 2

Man City 1

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Incidentally the massive club are not even close to selling out for the 2nd year in a row.  What happened to the half a million that couldn't even get in back in the promotion days.


Probably still fiddling with their inflatable bananas and deluding themselves that they are the biggest club in Manchester.

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This may seem an odd question but will any pubs near Ewood be showing the FORMULA 1 prior to kick off for the Man City game? Dunno how many folk here are into GRAND PRIX etc, but really fancy watchin it pre-match!

I know all the games are due to kick off at 3, so it wouldn't clash with a 12.45 Sky game for instance.

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it would be good if the fans of the club could organise for everyone to bring things like inflatables, baloons and tape for the last match of the season to give the players a good send off and also it would look smart and i cant remember the club ever doing anything like it b4

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Currently they are a team in transition. A team of miscreants, a team of shambolic half hearted professionals


Good summation this. I wish I could attend this match, Rovers have brought me alot of joy this season. I just hope Sparky continues to marshall his clout (read $$$) this summer, makes a few typically astute puchases and pushes us yet on into the European elite. Great days to be Rovers' support.

Go out and have a wonderful time, whoever contributed the shout that we should

give the lads a loud, warm embrace afterwards is spot on !!

I want to think that we'll handle this mob of miscreants as 1864 puts it..

2-0. Pack the house and deliver a right hammering.


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Hopefully we'll get the points we need against Chelski - but if not then we need to get at City. They seem to always be a bogey team for us tho.

I say play Gally and Bells up front.

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I feeling confident about this. I can't see Hughes letting the players fade even if mathematically there is not too much for them to play for. And Man City are going to give us acres of space- their season finished about six weeks ago!

More out of persoanl interest than anything else I would like to see Peter and Gallagher start. I hope Reid and Nelsen are fit too!

            Gallagher      Bellamy

    Peter    Savage        Tugay    Reid

      Gray    Nesen      Zurab    Neill


Subs: Encks, Moko, Bentley, Pedersen, Pongo

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